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Cages Necklace


Inspired by the necklaces of the traditional costume of La Alberca of Salamanca, 

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This piece is inspired by the necklaces of the traditional costume of La Alberca of Salamanca, 
Spain and the installation "Cages eyes" of artist Angel Mendez.
The work is used with the essence of technical filigree without formal barriers. In the conception of this design, The craftsman wants to evoke the freedom in its most intimate aspects.

Empty cages and the air is like a metaphor of what is ethereal, what is not possible to catch, what is always free.


Made by Luis Mendez - Spain.
The professional biography of this legendary line of metalsmiths dates back to 1928, when José María Méndez, of Portuguese descent, founded his workshop in Tamames, Salamanca.

His son Luis Méndez Vieira has continued on with his work and today his sons Luis, Raúl y Jerónimo Méndez López represent the third generation of metalsmiths in the family. “Brothers Luis, Raúl and Jerónimo Méndez López have become a model for the recovery of a technique of contemporary jewelry-making that has nearly been forgotten in the present day – filigree.

Luis Méndez Artesanos has a history of 88 years of artisan jewelry-making and three generations of filigree artists. The production process for all of their jewelry requires exclusive dedication and expert hands, thereby making each piece entirely unique. Their work features the possibilities of this ancient technique, bringing it to life by applying it to classic models as well as contemporary creations,” (Text from the catalogue. Exhibition Their pieces are sold from their gallery in Salamanca, where they showcase the cultural aspects of their product and provide the public with information about filigree technique. They promote the exhibition of different artists’ work and provide training at national and international "arts & crafts" centers.

They participate in trade fairs, exhibitions and various online sales platforms. They plan all their projects with the goal of raising awareness of the value of artisan work. Over the years, the workshop has maintained a coherent narrative, combining their know-how with new technologies to achieve a top-quality product. To date, their work has achieved significant recognition both in Spain and abroad. Recent Awards: Product Award – National Artisan Awards 2015 Ministry of Industry and the EOI Foundation – Madrid (Spain) March 31, 2016 Special Award for Best Business of the Year Salamanca City Council Salamanca – Spain. November 27, 2014. Finalist – Aileen International Crafts Competition. CMI Golden Jubilee Celebration Summit. World Crafts Council Dongyang (Zhejiang) CHINA. October 21, 2014 Pieces in Museums or Private Collections: Museum of International Folk Art Santa Fe, New Mexico. (USA) 2015 BANAMEX Great Artisan Masters of Ibero-America. Mexico City 2012 Salamanca Museum of Commerce and Industry. Salamanca (Spain) 2006 Publications:





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