AeP 2016 Giardino e Palazzo Corsini, ph Joshua Kercher Jara
AeP 2016 Giardino e Palazzo Corsini, ph Joshua Kercher Jara
AeP 2016 il viale centrale, ph Emilia Pizzonia
AeP 2016 il viale centrale, ph Emilia Pizzonia
AeP 2016, oreficeria Paolo Penko, ph Tommaso Bruchi
AeP 2016, oreficeria Paolo Penko, ph Tommaso Bruchi
AePBlogs&Crafts 2016, Tommaso Pedani liutaio, ph Nicolò Panzeri
AePBlogs&Crafts 2016, Tommaso Pedani liutaio, ph Nicolò Panzeri
Fiori d'arancio
Fiori d'arancio

Artigianato & Palazzo - Corsini Gardens - Florence - Italy - 18 to 21 May 2017


“Fiori d’Arancio” is the theme of the 23rd edition from the 18th until the 21st of May in the Corsini Gardens of Florence

Important international recognition for ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO that this year received support from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation

“Thank you to those who continue to work with the artisan spirit, without which our fantasies would never come true” Elsa Peretti

After 23 years of diligent work promoting the excellence of italian and international hand crafts, comes a testament to this work and its organizers, Giorgiana Corsini and Neri Torrigiani, in the form of support for ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO from the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation. The foundation is among one of the most important in Europe, started in 2000 in support of projects benefiting human rights, environmental work, scientific research, and educational and cultural enrichment. This support from the Peretti Foundation, in addition to that of Fondazione CR Firenze and others such as Richard Ginori and Fondazione Ferragamo is indicative of the quality of the small scale yet large impact of Made in Italy artisan tradition

Their contribution will be of great help to the organization of the 23rd edition of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO which will be occur in Florence from May 18th till the 21st with a new selection of nearly 80 artisans. The event will be held in the 16th century gardens Corsini Gardens designed by Gherardo Silvani and open to the public specially for the occasion.

“Fiori d’arancio” is the theme of the 23d edition in collaboration with the Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau, Tuscany for Weddings division. The new initiative, that will be proposed to wedding planners from around the world, was created to promote Florence not only as a city famous for its artistic and culinary beauty. Instead, it is also as a place where couples will find an ample selection of handmade goods created by master artisans, where they can create their wedding gift lists, personalized party favors, and find all they need to start a new life together.

The brainchild of food journalist Annamaria Tossani, and among the most successful initiatives of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, “Ricette e Famiglia” will be held for its 4th time this year with a wedding theme. As a part of this year’s theme, at the book talk tent we will have some celebrities retelling their wedding stories. Every day, meetings will be organized between chefs from DESINARE at Riccardo Barthel and celebrities during a tasting by Richard Ginori held in the Rose Garden. During these tastings the chefs will propose a new take on plates from the wedding menus of engaged visitors to the exhibition. The last session will be dedicated to the winning couple of the wedding cake photo facebook competition This couple will be invited to ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO to relive, together with the exhibition’s visitors, their special moment and taste a reproduction of their cake made by a master baker.

The BLOGS AND CRAFTS initiative, with the support of Fondazione Ferragamo in collaboration with Starhotels and Source, will celebrate its 4th anniversary as a unique opportunity for growth and recognition offered to young artisans under 35. The 10 talented artisans chosen to exhibit for free will receive coverage from 10 bloggers in the fields of artisan crafts, tourism, fashion, lifestyle, and food, as the bloggers follow the events of the show.


Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saterday 20 and Sundy 21 in may 2017 AeP 2015 borse paglia Tommaso Candria ph Susanna Stigler

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