Business Area: Ceramic and terracotta crafts

Art de la table
Work on the wheel
Marble-Black Onyx Rotating Serving Stand with ornament of the letters "A" & "N" and the silk scarf with letter "A" ornament
Productos. Pruducts
Cimetiere de Quenast, Sgraffites attribues à Crespin
Panneau en stuc - cliché de Philippe de Formanoir
Anastasiia Vasylchenko : I use natural materials .  Ceramika, clay, stoneware, porcelain. Main of them comes from Ukraine.
Bóveda construida en Venecia por encargo de Norman Foster  2
Veronique joly corbin la table 3319 detour.jpg
Polishing the graphite-red painting
Jordi Domenech Brunet - Japanese project
C color neg 1.jpg
Sample of a Venetian flooring (Venice, Italy)
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