Always in the spirit of promoting the world of bespoke artists, and art crafts, Madineurope will publish some of these professions’ portraits. From disappearing traditions to customized solutions, from ancestral methods to the utensils used, discover unique talents. Whether you’re an artisan yourself or a potential client, Madineurope aims at enlightening you and surprising you with these snapshots of what the crafts sector looks like nowadays.

We thank all people who patiently accepted to answer our questions and we hope that all those who were not interviewed will not feel left out. It's obviously not possible to interview every professional. We also thank all partners who accepted to share their own editorials with Mad'in Europe.

Please, see attached to each article the link to all members of that profession which have registered on Madineurope. You will also be able to share your opinion and experience through the comment function.

Dk morten stenbaek


By Giorgia Pizzato Picture: Chair by Morten Stenbaek, Denmark Strolling down a city’s streets, entering a house, a bar or a station it is almost impossible not to come across a chair or its variant.

Christian Van Parys - Réalisation de pièces manquante d'un poêle ancien

Profession: stove maker! Wood in the spotlight …

They were thought to be relegated forever to our childhood memories instead, the wood stoves still have good days in front of them. Sensitivity to the environment and to a way of life closer to

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134 mg 0584 bis

A mobile glass studio to promote glass crafts, VerriBelGlass

A mobile glass studio to promote glass crafts… Meeting with Jane-Sylvie Van den Bosch, one of VerriBelGlass leading makers.

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113 unpizzo 9

Un Pizzo, Italy


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112 img 0905

Peron e Peron, Italy

Interview of Paolo Polloniato, shoemaker in Bologna A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW

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111 dscf1186

Paolo Polloniato, Italy

Interview of Paolo Polloniato A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW

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110 mg 6562

Marco Ripa, Italy

Marco Ripa is a craftsman and a designer. In his workshop, situated in the Marche Region, he makes unique home accessories and furniture in iron and steel. A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW

109 gp portraits 1287

Gianluca Pacchioni, Italy

The atelier of Gianluca Pacchioni, master in the art of forging metals and recently nominated among the 75 MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere, that encompass some of the most talented artisans in Italy, is in Milan: in particular, it is located in a building from the Thirties which used to be an eye-drops factory. A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW

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108 labgm20120425 originali004

Giacomo Moor, Italy

A travel in the contemporary workshop of Giacomo Moor. A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW.

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106 g inglese sartoria 16

G. Inglese, Italy

Interview of G. Inglese: Prince William’s Shirts Made in Ginosa. A FONDAZIONE COLOGNI INTERVIEW

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