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Christian Van Parys - Réalisation de pièces manquante d'un poêle ancien

Profession: stove maker! Wood in the spotlight …

They were thought to be relegated forever to our childhood memories instead, the wood stoves still have good days in front of them. Sensitivity to the environment and to a way of life closer to

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Anita Matell, flower maker

Anita Matell – Flower maker

Nature and Botanica is a never ending source of inspiration and I can hardly see a flower without rapidly counting its petals and figure out the main structure…

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Oscar Ollé

Òscar Ollé, Cabinet maker, Barcelona, Spain

When I was turning a piece of banana tree wood that I cut with my own hands from a tree that saw me grow, which I kept and I had to cure for years before I could work and create a unique piece… I realized that a tree never dies and leaves a story behind.

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Duperron, création murale, jacuzzi

Jean-Christophe Duperron – Mosaïste – Bruxelles

La mosaïque est présente dans l’imaginaire de chacun, nous en avons de multiples exemples autour de nous. Pour moi, la mosaïque, en résumé, c’est le fait de coller des éléments sur un support, avec un objectif décoratif et/ou artistique. C’est large comme définition ! Et les possibilités sont donc vastes.

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Embroidery by Francisco Carrera Iglesias

Francisco Carrera Iglesias, Embroiderer since 1979, Spain

…adaptar la tradición a la vanguardia. Mis vecinos del barrio se emocionan mucho cuando ven que mis bordados los luce la mujer Michelle Obama o la cantante Pastora Soler en el Festival de Eurovisión en 2012.

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Vicenta Gracia Joyas - ANILLO WATER BERYL


Through reading the Sufi poetry I realized that the gardens were described as jeweled lands. They described plants and flowers as precious stones and that made me think that we could make a personal universe…

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Bottega fagnola cartotecnica contenitori da conservazione ideati per il fondo peano della biblioteca civica di cuneo interno

Paola and Luciano Fagnola – Bookbinders, book conservators – Italy

I felt the need to do something that could be interdisciplinary, in which to combine art, literature, science, technologies, creativity, history and create tangible objects

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Ocarina mallorquina

Carme Hermoso Capllonch – Ocarinas maker – (Ocarinera) – Spain

In 30 years, I have made many ocarinas, but none of them were the same because they were all created at different moments of my life and in each I put my feelings, my emotions and my dreams. That is why every single ocarina came out as unique and unrepeatable.

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173 calzolaio1

Daniela Ridolfi – Calzoleria Petrocchi – Shoemaker

The best moment of my job is when an idea arises and when it begins to take shape in my thoughts.

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Atelier Bernet

Catherine BERNET – Lissier- Tapisserie d’Aubusson

Pour moi, chaque tissage nous plonge dans une aventure humaine et artistique toujours renouvelée où l’on fait des rencontres qu’on ne pourrait faire nulle part ailleurs. Chaque tapisserie est unique et porte trace de cette charge émotionnelle.

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