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Mad’in Europe projectStories of talent by European craftsmen” has been launched as part of the program of the European Commission “European Vocational Skills Week: Discover your Talent”. Considering its success, we decided to continue this program and to development this section further. Our objective is to let some selected European professional craftsmen narrate their stories and show their work. We hope these story-telling will stimulate your curiosity and interest for crafts, which are part of our intangible heritage but also a different and more responsible way of buying. To have your portrait in this section you must be a craftsman member of Mad’in Europe. Please see conditions on the registration page.
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Laura balzelli catene in oro copia

Laura Balzelli, jeweler and designer for 40 years. Italy

Follow your dreams and passions because you are the most important things and most satisfying of life.

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Les workbench1

Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre, goldsmith since 2009. Netherlands

I don’t wait for the right customer to come along, I get out there to find the right customer. Sometimes I will design conservatively other days my designs may be bold and unpredictable…it doesn’t matter eventually they will find their forever home.

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Jessica Grimm - Goldwork st laurence after a medieval orphrey

Jessica Grimm, hand-embroideress craftsman since 2009. Germany

I am a lover of beauty and a true child of the age of enlightenment. I strongly believe that being surrounded by beauty makes us better people.

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Basketpm 1 2015

Isabelle Poupinel, céramiste depuis 2008. France

Vivre! = faire son chemin, y aller en affutant sa curiosité, en réfléchissant à soi dans ce que l’on fait et est, en travaillant fort et heureusement, en partageant son savoir et en étant fier d’apporter sa pierre à l’édifice de la Culture.

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Felipe Peña Sáez, ceramist since 19 year. Spain

En los tiempos en que vivimos no es nada fácil dedicarse a ello, son muchas las dificultades que entraña poder ganarse la vida con esta profesión. Aún así, si te gusta, dedícate a esta actividad. Ponte a trabajar, a disfrutar, son profesiones altamente apasionantes y gratificantes.

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Premier dome

Eric Bonte, maitre verrier depuis 1979. France

Créer son entreprise est une aventure, il faut s’y jeter corps et âme, il faut suivre sa passion, oser, ne pas hésiter à suivre sa voie, à tracer sa route, et toujours regarder devant …

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Elisa zonta restauro costume

Elisa Zonta, textile conservator since 2006. Italy

It’s very important to preserve the objects of the past, they tell us the story of our culture, of artistic and technological knowledge. Now textile conservation receives less funds than painting or sculpture conservation and I think it is a pity because a lot of cities or countries owe their past success to the production or the trade of precious fabrics.

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Large ornament - Dušan Rakić

Dušan Rakić, marquetry artist since 2012. Serbia

Every man possesses some talents – that persevering work and developing your own creativity leads you to a better man in yourself. A better and more creative man who creates the beauty, creates a better and more beautiful world.

Dario sogmaister girasoli 2017 80x40

Dario Sogmaister, artistic stone mosaicist since 1995. Italy

Raccolgo le pietre ed i sassi che trovo nel mio fiume: Il Piave e nelle mie montagne: Le Dolomiti e con un martello ed una tenaglia le riduco in piccole tessere dalle varie forme seguendo la figura che desidero comporre. Le mie composizioni possono diventare degli inserti musivi da inserire nei muri sia come decoro che come immagine, possono diventare dei quadri, possono essere inseriti nelle nicchie o nelle lapidi anche all’esterno oppure diventare pale d’altare. La mia tecnica è molto personale anche perché non ho frequentato scuole e corsi di mosaico e sono autodidatta essendo arrivato all’arte musiva dopo altre esperienze artistiche.

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Daniel Gil de Avalle

Daniel Gil de Avalle, luthier and guitarmaker since 1989. Spain

Craft professions are wonderful but also quite innate. In my opinion, being much patient and curious, respectful with other jobs and in constant learning for a long time. Knowning a piece of history, analysis of historic instruments, musical knowledge and adaptation to new technologies. But overall, a taste for doing a good job.

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