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Mad’in Europe projectStories of talent by European craftsmen” has been launched as part of the program of the European Commission “European Vocational Skills Week: Discover your Talent”. Considering its success, we decided to continue this program and to development this section further. Our objective is to let some selected European professional craftsmen narrate their stories and show their work. We hope these story-telling will stimulate your curiosity and interest for crafts, which are part of our intangible heritage but also a different and more responsible way of buying. To have your portrait in this section you must be a craftsman member of Mad’in Europe. Please see conditions on the registration page.
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Elisa zonta restauro costume

Elisa Zonta, textile conservator since 2006. Italy

It’s very important to preserve the objects of the past, they tell us the story of our culture, of artistic and technological knowledge. Now textile conservation receives less funds than painting or sculpture conservation and I think it is a pity because a lot of cities or countries owe their past success to the production or the trade of precious fabrics.

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Large ornament - Dušan Rakić

Dušan Rakić, marquetry artist since 2012. Serbia

Every man possesses some talents – that persevering work and developing your own creativity leads you to a better man in yourself. A better and more creative man who creates the beauty, creates a better and more beautiful world.

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Dario sogmaister girasoli 2017 80x40

Dario Sogmaister, artistic stone mosaicist since 1995. Italy

Talent is definitely a quality through which creativity is enhanced and made real. Know-how is not only a quality but It is achieved through personal experiences. Creativity means passion for hand-made work and a liability towards others as well.

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Daniel Gil de Avalle

Daniel Gil de Avalle, luthier and guitarmaker since 1989. Spain

Craft professions are wonderful but also quite innate. In my opinion, being much patient and curious, respectful with other jobs and in constant learning for a long time. Knowning a piece of history, analysis of historic instruments, musical knowledge and adaptation to new technologies. But overall, a taste for doing a good job.

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Daniel Formigoni

Daniel Formigoni, luthier-archetier depuis 1996. Suisse

“Ce n’est pas la matière qui génère la pensée, c’est la pensée qui génère la matière.” Giordano Bruno Ainsi, les mots sont les outils de notre pensée et nos mains le prolongement de notre cerveau…

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Coutant dico larousse ouvert

Corinne Coutant, marqueteur depuis 2012. France

Exercer un métier d’art donne envie de partager la chance d’avoir une passion. Nous avons tous un don : il suffit de trouver le métier qui nous rend heureux pour embellir notre vie.

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Carlo Ceccarelli - Interior design

Carlo Ciccarelli, blacksmith since 1983. Italy

One of the today’s digital and industrialized society is the loss of everything that concerns the caftsmanship. I think that this trend to increasingly isolate and discriminate the craftsmanship is the result of a feeling of fear, born out of the awareness that a machine will never be able to do what an artisan’s hand are capable to achieve.

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Carlo apollo best pieces 1

Carlo Apollo, wooden floors designer since 1978. Italy

Craftsmanship is an uproarious adventure: it is the occasion to invent something new, to create ourselves and to to give a contribution to the beauty of the world. There is not anything more beautiful than to have in our hands something created by our own strengths and our own imagination.

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Ovenschalen - Atelier Esprit Créateur - Bas van Zuijlen

Bas van Zuijlen, céramiste depuis 1996. France

J’invite l’hmme à se dévoiler, à vivre sa spiritualité, à suivre son âme, à oser la vraie rencontre avec soi et avec l’autre. Le but de mon entreprise est de créer des choses bonnes pour l’homme. Devenir un homme plus complet est la quête de la vie. La création fait partie de cet histoire.

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140 maistellinna cv3391 0

Antonello Puddu, woodworker since 2006. Italy

I believe that one of the most important part of my work is the choice of the piece of wood to be worked. I always try to choose to discarded pieces because I want to give to them a completely new life as a piece of art.

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