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These articles and interviews aim at helping you discover and appreciate the world of crafts and restoration of Cultural Heritage.

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Endangered Crafts in a Precarious World

by Selin Genç In an age of a mass extinction of biological life, we simultaneously face the extinction of many craft professions too. These two occasions are more connected than it might initially appear; industrialisation is a driving force in the emergence of an ecological crisis, while also being the culprit in the devaluation of ...

Teste di moro 1024x538

Colorful Sicilian craftwork: the famous Teste di Moro.

Text by Maria Giulia Nencini Have you ever wondered what these head-shaped vases that stand out among traditional Sicilian craftworks represent? Legend tells us that they are the distant memory of a love affair that ended in tragedy… The legend dates to the Arab domination in Sicily, which left an important imprint on culture, gastronomy, ...


What can Europe do to protect crafts?

by AKSSISE Fatiha / Mad’in Europe CRAFTS : THE BEAUTY OF DIFFERENCESCraftsmanship: a key sector for the strengthening of European identity The European Union has made of unity and cooperation one of its pillars to build a European identity. In this perspective a « Europe Day », celebrated on 9 May, was introduced in 1985 to celebrate ...

The Building frame.

Building a boat.

Nick Barberton Because of Covid lockdowns I have had reduced chances to sell my work. I was given a Walnut tree and when we could travel again last year had it planked and stacked up

Ce tableau est un carton de tapisserie (modèle) du XVIIIe siècle. Il s'agit d'une peinture à l'eau sur toile dont la couche picturale se soulevait et qui nécessitait donc un refixage et de nombreuses retouches dans les lacunes.Retouche d'un grand format

Découvrir le métier de restaurateur de tableaux

La conservation – restauration de tableaux a pour but de stopper l’évolution des altérations subies par les œuvres d’art au fil du temps et de permettre ainsi leur transmission aux générations futures. Ce métier obéit ...
Chef d'oeuvre de sabotier, réalisé dans une seule pièce de bois rec

PIERRE HENIN – Histoire d’une collection en hommage au beau geste du travail

Ce témoignage inaugure une série de “portrait d’objets et d’outils” que Pierre Hénin et Mad’in Europe auront le plaisir de vous présenter. Liens : VIDEOS / LES 2 MINUTES DE LA COLLECTION PIERRE HENIN SITE WEB : PUBLICATION : disponible sur le site web de Pierre Henin

Es jordi domenech japan01


“Esta técnica ha estado a punto de desaparecer, pero se percibe un cambio que por mi parte y por organizaciones como Mad’in Europe y otras, estamos intentando impulsar” ¿Cómo se puede describir la bóveda? ¿Puede decirnos dónde se encontró esta técnica primero y cuando? Hay varias técnicas para realizar bóvedas, de hormigón, de piedra labrada ...

Louise bourgeois

Stories about women in Art and Crafts

By Maria Giulia Nencini / Mad’in Europe Women in Art and Crafts Movement: female artists began their fight for an equal place in the art world, by addressing the traditional notions of crafts and decorative arts. References  Arts and Crafts Movement – When Women United in Creativity (online “Feminist art movement”. The Art Story ...

Prototype cadran répétition minutes

Hand-engraving or “intaglio engraving”

Hand-engraving is a very old technique of “intaglio engraving” which appeared in the 16th century, and was first used in the 18th century with the appearance of the first machines adapted to reach its peak in the 19th century. Engraving is the production of an engraving made up of straight lines and curves on quality ...

Watch dial with damasquinure

Bernard Guillocheur Main

Le guillochage main  c'est remplir une surface de reflets géométriques obtenus par la gravure de lignes qui s'entrecroisent. Pour guillocher, il est très important de posséder de vieilles machines traditionnelles à guillocher, sans quoi, ce ...
Veronique joly corbin la table 3319 detour.jpg


Like the Madeleine de Proust, I invite you to find on my hand-painted porcelains old imagery, encyclopedic engravings and botanical plates. A whole world of curiosities.

I draw on porcelain with a calligraphy pen holder.

As a painter, porcelain is for me an expression medium like a blank canvas or a sheet of paper.

I prefer the porcelain of Limoges, refined material from the French heritage.

My colours are prepared with metallic oxides according to traditional techniques.

I invite porcelain in public space or private interiors by proposing wall installations of plates to tell stories on the wall and created decorative objects in the spirit of the cabinet of curiosity.

Inalterable decoration, machine washable

Pieza decorativa con timbre

Antonia Sánchez, damasquinadora

Mediante presión manual incrustamos metales preciosos sobre hierro o acero blando.
Logo.khm .400px.jpg

Caroline Sheid artiste & graphiste

Graphiste depuis 1987, je communique des idées par le biais de l’image. Depuis 2012, soucieuse de surveiller mon empreinte écologique, j’ai commencé une réflexion profonde sur ma façon de vivre au quotidien. Ayant perdu mon ...
Applying urushi by brush

Ancient Urushi craft

I would describe myself primarily as an Urushi Artist and I work together with my wife Marina who is similarly skilled. I am also a designer/cabinetmaker and it was through my work in this trade ...

Un’arte antica rinnovata ogni giorno

Un figlio d'arte ha la fortuna di essersi trovato accanto un grande maestro, che ha portato avanti la professione tramandata di padre in figlio, ma ha anche l'impegno di affrontare la sfida aggiungendo qualcosa di ...
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