Would you like to learn the skills of a particular crafts trade? Only a professional’s workshop can offer a real immersion in the necessary gestures of the craft; on this page, you may find training opportunities offered by experienced craftspeople themselves. These workshops will guide you to specialise in their techniques, share with you rich traditions, and encourage you to innovate conventions and create your own mark.
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IFAPME – Formation Chef d’entreprise ARTISAN D’ART – Belgique

L'IFAPME est un organisme d'intérêt public subventionné par la Wallonie. Les lettres de l'acronyme signifient : Institut wallon de Formation en Alternance et des indépendants et Petites et Moyennes Entreprises. Parmi ses missions, l'objectif principal de l'IFAPME est de proposer des formations à des métiers dans une multitude de secteurs...
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Millinery Classes – Sartoria Il Bagatto – Italy

Ho aperto più di trent'anni fa la sartoria Il Bagatto. Il Bagatto è anche Scuola di Mestiere,tra i diversi corsi della scuola abbiamo aperto il corso di modisteria. Noi stessi facciamo per i clienti che lo richiedono cappelli su misura
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Boat Building, Woodworking & Furniture making course at Boat Building Academy

courses from 3 days to 38 weeks in boat building, woodworking, furniture making and more. Our courses suit anyone from eighteen to eighty.
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