Knowhow and professions in crafts and restauration

These articles and interviews aim at helping you discover and appreciate the world of crafts and restoration of Cultural Heritage.
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By Abian Curbelo The following images will probably be familiar to you. This is probably because over the past decade those lime kilns have been declared objects of cultural interest. Lime kilns have played a

Alain Lovenberg - Metal Engraver

Alain Lovenberg, Maître-Graveur

Arts appliqués aux métaux, ornementation par les techniques de gravure, ciselure et damasquinure ( incrustation de métaux précieux) de pièces métalliques telles que: Armes de chasse Couteaux Bijoux Argenterie Montres et pendules Stylos etc...
anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti

Massimiliano Arriga, Hand craft jewellery.

I imagine,design,build and finish unique pieces of jewellery,objects and accessories. I set all my stones, I sculpter and melt wax, I engrave and model metals and wood.
Isabelle chavanon huile sur cuivre xviimesicle aprs restauration

Isabelle Chavanon, Restauration de tableaux

Mon métier consiste à restaurer les tableaux de chevalets. Mes spécialisations:la Restauration et la Conservation de tableaux du XVIème.à nos jours, de tous formats sur tous types de support: toile, bois, papier, carton, cuivre .Je ...
strumenti di lavoro
Crafting europe


MANIFESTO TOWARDS A EUROPEAN STRATEGY FOR CRAFT Mad’in Europe signed the “World Crafts Council Manifesto”, a six-point action plan to ensure the survival and development of craft for future generations. World Crafts Council Europe, its

Atelier du Bois doré - Donatienne Lurquin

Donatienne Lurquin. « Doreur » : c’est quoi ce métier ? :-)

Le métier de doreur est double. Il peut être Doreur-décorateur, pour recouvrir de feuilles de métal n’importe quel support, intérieur ou extérieur, avec différents rendus, et selon des techniques plus ou moins simples ou compliquées, ...
Falegnameria Odino -Joiner

Egidio Odino Falegname

Amo lavorare il legno realizzando mobili e scale Cerco di innovare partendo dall'esperienza aquisita negli anni ,anche grazie a insegnamenti di altri artigiani che in passato hanno contribuito a formarmi. Mi piace realizzare manufatti anche ...
Metal movable type rec


“Typography is the use of art to advocate, communicate, celebrate, educate, elaborate, illuminate and disseminate. Along the way, the words and pages become art.”  – James Felici, The Complete Manual of Typography by Giorgia Pizzato

Snake twill and 8 row of broken twill

Antoinette Olsen, handweaver , and my speciality is the warp-weighted loom

I am a skilled weaver who can weave on the warp-weighted loom, modern floor looms, tapestry looms, rigid heddle looms and tablet looms. My favorite looms are the old warp-weighted looms and old tapestry looms. ...
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