Mad’in Europe projectStories of talent by European craftsmen” has been launched as part of the program of the European Commission “European Vocational Skills Week: Discover your Talent”. Considering its success, we decided to continue this program and to development this section further. Our objective is to let some selected European professional craftsmen narrate their stories and show their work. We hope these story-telling will stimulate your curiosity and interest for crafts, which are part of our intangible heritage but also a different and more responsible way of buying. To have your portrait in this section you must be a craftsman member of Mad’in Europe. Please see conditions on the registration page.
Soane roses by tom brown and tom nicholls

Edward Barder, Split bamboo fishing rod maker.

We have taken great care to make rods that sympathetically utilise and fully express the incredible qualities of Tonkin bamboo. Conceived for the contemporary fly fisher, Barder split bamboo rods are anything but old fashioned ...
Andrea Magnolini - Stufa tonda

Stufe in muratura – Un calore naturale che scalda la casa e il cuore. Un sistema di riscaldamento antico da portare nel futuro

Da 12 anni mi occupo di Stufe in muratura. Cercavo un sistema di riscaldamento semplice, ecologico, economico e mi sono imbattuto in questa tecnologia. Ho seguito 2 maestri bavaresi per imparare a fare le stufe ...
Inutile et pleine de grace porcelaine or colombin pinching plaque moulage

Valérie Ceulemans, Valloma, créatrice céramique

Je propose un large choix de sculptures et installations ainsi que des articles destinés à l'Art de la table. Tous ces objets sont uniques et entièrement réalisés par mes soins, dans mon atelier.
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Anita Matell, flower maker

Anita Matell – Flower maker

Nature and Botanica is a never ending source of inspiration and I can hardly see a flower without rapidly counting its petals and figure out the main structure...
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Oscar Ollé

Òscar Ollé, Cabinet maker, Barcelona, Spain

When I was turning a piece of banana tree wood that I cut with my own hands from a tree that saw me grow, which I kept and I had to cure for years before ...
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Duperron, création murale, jacuzzi

Jean-Christophe Duperron – Mosaïste – Bruxelles

La mosaïque est présente dans l’imaginaire de chacun, nous en avons de multiples exemples autour de nous. Pour moi, la mosaïque, en résumé, c’est le fait de coller des éléments sur un support, avec un ...
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Embroidery by Francisco Carrera Iglesias

Francisco Carrera Iglesias, Embroiderer since 1979, Spain

...adaptar la tradición a la vanguardia. Mis vecinos del barrio se emocionan mucho cuando ven que mis bordados los luce la mujer Michelle Obama o la cantante Pastora Soler en el Festival de Eurovisión en ...
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Vicenta Gracia Joyas - ANILLO WATER BERYL


Through reading the Sufi poetry I realized that the gardens were described as jeweled lands. They described plants and flowers as precious stones and that made me think that we could make a personal universe...
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Bottega fagnola cartotecnica contenitori da conservazione ideati per il fondo peano della biblioteca civica di cuneo interno

Paola and Luciano Fagnola – Bookbinders, book conservators – Italy

I felt the need to do something that could be interdisciplinary, in which to combine art, literature, science, technologies, creativity, history and create tangible objects
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