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7 partners from 7 countries

In this guide, we will explore some families of crafts and some specific professions and skills, giving the floor to some highly qualified professionals. We will also look at the markets they are related with, and have an overview on the paths that are available to learn crafts through formal or informal education. It will help to have a better understanding of the different sectors of crafts and about the opportunities they represent for future career and also for wellbeing


7 partners from 7 countrie

Empower your knowledge about some crafts professions like stairs making, guilloché, harpsichord making, wood carving…


7 partners from 7 countrie

A playful toolkit to familiarise young people with the world of crafts

Virtual reality

7 partners from 7 countrie

Virtual reality tours in workshops, for a full immersion in the world of crafts professions


Leaflet Flyer

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