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Training course to strengthen craft enterprises

This training, developed in the context of the Crafting Beyond 50 project, intends to enhance the skills of crafting professionals in the field of digital technologies so that they can boost their business, improve their creativity and optimize the available digital resources.

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An introduction to the essential characteristics of craft businesses and business strategies.

The following topics are discussed in this training course: what is a brand, how to build your brand, which strategy for pricing you should adopt, and knowing the consumer profile and the competition. 

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QWhat digital resources are available, how to use them and why do we need them?
Digital resources are useful if you make proper use of them and the right content. This course helps you to understand how to create the most suitable content for your target group. Which images, videos or texts to produce and use, and under which circumstances?

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Which channels do you need to use to promote your business, enhance your creativity, and position your brand?

Is it necessary to open a website or e-commerce? This course deals with several questions.

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3.1. Social media, is a world to be discovered and optimized while maintaining craftsmanship.

3.2. The website. What are the solutions to adopt? How to administer it?

3.3. L’e-commerce. Is it necessary? What to give to the public and how, What are the risks and costs?

3.4. How to advertise your web pages, how to protect your privacy and those of your customers, and how to protect copyright? 

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Visual identity. How to create a valid logo, which colors and fonts to use, how to capture the imagination of your target audience, and how to enhance your business in terms of sustainability.

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