European Historic Houses

The European Historic Houses is an umbrella organisation representing the interests of private historic houses and gardens to the European and international institutions.
Our aim is to raise awarness on their tremendous contribution to society.


The European Historic Houses (EHH) gathers 24 national associations of owners-managers of private historic houses and gardens in 22 European countries.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote our members interests in several policy areas through European influencing
  • Act as a platform sharing best-practices among our members
  • Build networks of owners of historic houses
  • Raise awareness on the enormous contribution of owners of historic houses to the preservation of our common heritage

Since maintaining an historic house require specific skills in restoration, the private owners we are representing have a close bond with craftsmen all over Europe. They are the cornerstone of a proper conservation of our historic estates.

The European Historic Association is also involved in the promotion of interest in cultural heritage within the younger generation. To secure the future of cultural heritage our association created the Next Generation group to achieve good guardianship of built heritage from generation to generation.

Contact person, Email, Phone…:

European Historic Houses Association 67, rue de Trèves 1040 Brussels Senior Policy Officer Delphine Dupeux Project & Communication Officer Lucie Maret

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