European Historic Houses Association

European Historic Houses Association is an association representing private owner’s interests with European political people. It federates 24 national associations of historic houses through Europe, ensuring themselves the relay with owners of cultural heritage.

The European Historic Houses is based in Brussels.
Executive President: Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem

Words from our President, Rodolphe de Looz-Coswarem

The European Historic Houses Association, as an umbrella organization representing the interests of more than 50.000 private historic houses and gardens across Europe and embodying almost 50% of the continent’s listed heritage, is extremely pleased to enter into this new partnership with Mad’in Europe: we will be stronger if united. We are dedicated to the conservation of the artistic, architectural and environmental heritage in Europe; a subject we know is also a preoccupation for Mad’in Europe.

Being private owners, the members of the European Historic Houses Association, often struggle to find the qualified craftsman to restore and maintain their rich – but demanding ‒ heritage. Mad’in Europe who is showcasing the European excellence of our manual workers and promoting it to an international clientele is in line with our managers’ preoccupations. Indeed, it is a unique platform, with a great added-value, as it gathers a network of 1700 skilled artisans all over Europe.

It represents an important sector in the cultural heritage world and to that extends the company could be an important contributor to the Alliance 3.3 which is a European sectoral platform composed of 40 European or international networks and organisations active in the wider field of cultural heritage. Within this framework, we could exchange and coordinate our efforts to find solutions for the future of our monuments which are facing serious challenges.

EHHA - Hever Castle Kent UK

Both associations encourage the transmission of know-how in heritage matters and promote interest in heritage among younger generations. This impetus to transmit the skills to the young generation is what has driven the European Historic Houses Association to create a unique network comprising young and future owners of historic houses, the Next Generation group . This group aims at securing the future of our common heritage by promoting sustainability and good guardianship and will organize its Annual Conference in Siena from the 24th to the 26th of March 2017.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage dedicated to the celebration of Europe’s diverse heritage. Our Association will carry out a myriad of events during this year, such as a Private Heritage Days during which our members across Europe will organize special events in their houses. Coupled with the production of 10.000 leaflets and several brochures, these events will ensure an ever-increased visibility of the Association at the European, national and local level and we will be happy if Mad’in Europe will seize the opportunity to embark on this adventure with us.

We envisage this cooperation in a long term perspective.  We will circulate and disseminate the information and advices of Mad’in Europe to our 24 national associations and advertise your role in promoting Europe’s rich tradition of craftsmanship. Finally, we will be pleased to invite Mad’in Europe network to participate to our high-level events including our Annual Conference and gala dinner which will gather more than 80 owners of historic houses in Barcelona from the 28th of September to the 1st of October 2017.  

Once again, we are very proud to begin this fruitful collaboration which, we have no doubt, will bring added-value to our actions in the future. The European Historic Houses Association is looking forward to deepen our relationship in the months to come, in a common endeavor to make the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage a great success. 


The Association is the voice, at the European level, of about 50,000 European historic houses to the institutions, the politicians, the medias and the enterprises:

  • To promote European cooperation regarding the conservation of historic houses and gardens;
  • To provide a platform for the exchange of information and support for national historic house associations;
  • To promote interest in the historical, aesthetic, educational, environmental, economic and social aspects of historic houses and gardens;
  • To promote the extension and improvement of current historic houses, parks, gardens and estates to enable society as a whole to enjoy their attractions, beauty and story.
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European Historic Houses Association
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