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Let’s make 2019 be a new year of European Cultural heritage!

Why should 2018 be the only year of European Cultural Heritage.  Our tangible and intangible heritage is the glue which keeps all of us, Europeans, together for peace, solidarity, creativity and economic dynamism. Craftsmen and restorers of cultural heritage are the hands which make our culture live and step into the future. Monuments, pieces of art, design objects, fashion, interior design, musical instruments, publishing… in every corner of our life a specific knowhow is at work!


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Christian van parys wood stove
Photo MADINEUROPE : Christian Van Parys –

Our mission:  connect people to European excellence in fine and traditional crafts

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What a better start for 2019! For the first time, Mad’in Europe participated in the Maison & Objet trade show and introduced five of its members: Edyta Baranska, Flavia Tummolo, Katarina Thorstensson Ross De Wayne Campbell and Vera Frederiksen. Come visit us. To know more…

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Mad’in Europe @ Maison & Objet

Professionals in fine and traditional crafts, selected by Mad’in Europe and accessible on this portal, combine rare know-how, technical skills and creativity.

They master the material and with specific tools they create, they transform, or they restore unique pieces and historic buildings. Many of these makers are also passing on their knowledge to future generations.

Symbols of the richness and diversity of Europe they are the link between our cultural heritage of yesterday and that of tomorrow.

… Traditional craftsmanship is perhaps the most tangible manifestation of intangible cultural heritage. However, the 2003 Convention is mainly concerned with the skills and knowledge involved in craftsmanship rather than the craft products themselves.

Rather than focusing on preserving craft objects, safeguarding attempts should instead concentrate on encouraging artisans to continue to produce craft and to pass their skills and knowledge onto others, particularly within their own communities…. 

From the text of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Intangible Cultural Heritage – UNESCO

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