List of professions

Market areas

Architecture-Building Bone & horn workers Canework - Basketry - Wickerwork Ceramic and terracotta crafts Cinema - Theatre - Show Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Heritage Craft 50 & Beyond - Erasmus + project Decoration - Interior design Fashion & accessories Glass crafts Graphic arts - Plastic arts Jewelery-goldsmith-watchmaking Leatherwork Mechanical crafts / games-toys Metal crafts Musical Instruments and accessories Paper crafts Photography - Publishing Recycling of materials and articles Sport - Leisure - Hunting and Fishing Stone crafts Tableware Textile Wellness and Beauty Wood and furniture crafts


Basket-Maker Bells founder & restorer Blacksmith Bookbinder - Leather & Parchment Restorer Bootmaker - Shoemaker Bowmaker Bowyer - Longbow maker Brass worker Brick maker Bronze worker Cabinet maker Calligraphy and lettering artist Candle maker Cane worker - Chair seat weaver Canservator and manufacturer of barometers Car models maker Carpenter Ceramist - Potter - Ceramic Turner Chains maker Coachbuilder, Classic and vintage cars restorer Conservator-Restorer of archaeological and/or ethnographical objects Creative Cutler - knifemaker Damascening craftsmen Decontamination of art pieces Decorative objects maker Diamond cutter Draughtsman-Draftsman Dressmaker - tailor for men Dressmaker - tailor for women Dyer of fibers Embroiderer Enameler and painter on ceramic or china Enameller on metal Engraver on crystal and glass Fan maker Felt maker Fireplace maker and restorer Fishing Rods Maker Foundry Frame restorer Furniture restorer Furrier Gilder on glass or china Gilder on leather Gilder on metal Gilder on wood - restorer of gilded wood Glass maker Gloves maker - glover Glyptician - gem-engraver - lapidary Gold leaves maker Goldsmith / Silversmith Graphic designer Gunsmith Handweaver Harness maker Hat block maker Heraldist - Heraldic engraver and artist Icons painter and/or conservator and restorer Illuminator Illustrator Ivory engraver and worker Jeweler / Fine Jewelry maker Jeweler and/or Jewelry designer (Costume jewelry - fashion jewelry) Jewelry restorer Jewelry stone setter - polisher Joiner - finish carpenter Lacemaker Lacquerware maker Lapidary Leather worker Locksmith Luthier - violin maker Manufacturer and restorer of games and toys Manufacturer and/or restorer of automatons or music boxes Marble craftsman Marble paper and/or hand painted paper maker Mason Master in Scagliola Master saddler Medalmaker Metal engraver - carver - chaser - drypoint or copperplate printer - guillochage Milliner - Hatmaker Mirror maker Model maker Model maker (fashion) Moire drapery maker Musical instruments manufacturer and restorer Painter Painter & Decorator of surfaces Painter & decorator on glass Painter & decorator on metal Painter & Decorator on wood Painting and printing on textiles Paintings restorer Parqueteur - parquet restorer Pens maker Perfumer Photographer Piano tuner Picture framer Pipe maker Plumassier Printer Puppeteer Restorer of ceramic - majolica and China (porcelain) Restorer of glassware or crystal Restorer of metal and/or silver Restorer of mosaics Restorer of mosaics, frescoes or murals Restorer of objects Restorer of paper - drawings - prints... Restorer of photographs Restorer of sculptures Rocailleur Roofer Santon maker Sculptor Sculptor decorator Sculptor on wood - wood carver Sheath maker Shipwright Silkscreen print maker Slate roofer Small objects and miniatures maker and restorer Stained Glass maker and/or restorer Stone cutter Stone engraver Stoneturner Straw marquetry Sundial maker Surface and facade cleaning by cryogenic, dry-ice blasting Tanner: tanner - Parcheminier - Pareur - Skinner Tapestry & carpet maker and/or restorer Textile restorer Thatcher Theatre Costume maker Theatre decorator Tile maker Tin roofer Trimmings maker Typograph Upholster Watchmaker - Watches & Clocks restorer Weaver - Spinner Wheelwright Wood stove manufacturer and/or restorer Woodturner


Accordions (music) Acoustic and/or folk guitar (music) Acquaforte - etching Albums Ancient &/or collection cars Ancient fabrics Ancient toys Andirons and fireplace accessories Aquatinte Arches (architecture) Architectural ornaments Armchairs - Chairs - Rocking Chairs Armours Artificial flowers Artistic embroidery Ashtrays Bagpipe - cornemuses - fifes (music) Bags - Suitcases - Briefcases Balls of stairs Barbequeues - baker’s ovens - pizza ovens Baroque instruments - lutes - violas .. (music) Bases - Pedestals Basins Baskets Basque (underwear) Basses - Contrabasses Bassoon Bathrooms Beams Belfry (arch) Bellows Bells Belts bibelots Billiards - Billiards accessories Blades Blankets - Tartan rugs Blazons - Coat of arms Blown glass Board games - Chess boards Boats Books Bouquets Bows (music) Box Bronze objects Buttons (fashion) Cabochon Cameos Candles Candlesticks Cardboard furniture Carpets - Rugs Carts Carved - painted or printed Leather - Cordwain or gold leather Cases - Wallets Ceramic - stone or concrete tiles Chandeliers Characters - Figures Chevalières - seal rings Children clothes Christmas crib figures - nativity Christmas decorations Church / Sacred Furniture Cigar humidors Cigarette case Clarinets Clavichord - Pianoforte (music) Clay coating Clogs shoes Clothing Coffers - trunks Coins Column capitals Columns Combs Console tables Cornices (arch) Corsets Covers Cuff links Cupboards Curtain rods Curtains Curved glass Custom made objects (glass - ceramics - wood ...) Custom made perfumes and fragrances Custom shoes Custom-tailored shirts Daybeds Decorated friezes decorative glass panels Decorative objects Unique pieces Decorative patterns Decoupage (Paper) Desks Dials Dolls and/or Teddy bears Doorknobs Doors Drinking glasses Dry stone walls Easel paintings Electric guitars (music) Embossing Embroidered fabrics Enamel Engravings - Prints Espadrillas Fabric fringes Fabrics Facades Fans (paper & silk) Faux-bois (wood imitation) Faux-marbre Fences Figurines Fine leather bespoke bookbinding Fireplaces Fishing rods Flacons - flasks Flatware Floor-tiles Flooring Floral arrangements Folding screens Fountains/Wells Frames Frescoes Fur coats Furniture Games Gaming tables Garden furniture Gargoyles Glass objects Glass tiles Glazed roof tiles Gloves Gold thread embroidery Golf clubs Grand pianos - Vertical Pianos (music) Granito Gravestones - Funeral plates Greenhouses - winter-gardens Hand made scarves Hand made ties Handmade bycicles Handmade glass beads Handrails - railings Harps & or Celtic harps (music) Hats Headdresses Home linen - Bed linen - beddings Horse-drawn carriage Inlays Insects Jewelry boxes - caskets - cases Kerosene lamps Kiosks Kitchen utensils - pans Kitchens Knit Knitted works Knives Laceworks Lamps - lights - customized lampshades Lavender wands - Cœurs de lavande Leather furniture Lecterns Libraries Lintels Lithographs Little bells - hand bells Liturgical art Living Willow Structures Locks - Knobs - door & furniture Hardware - Reproductions Macramé Magnifying glasses Marquetry Mask Mattresses - Bedsteads - Beds Medals Men suits Metal portals - gates Military embroidery/uniforms Miniature rooms Miniatures (objects) Mirrors Models - layouts - prototypes Mortars Mosaics Mouldings Mudejar Music boxes Music Rolls for Barrel Organs Nautical craftsmanship Necklaces - Earrings - Bracelets - Brooches - Rings Needles Oboe (music) Oeil de bœuf window Office accessories Organs - organ pipes (music) Padding - Quilting Paintbrushes Painted fabrics - Lacquer on canvas Panels Parchment - Parchment Paper or hand made Paper - Watermarked Paper Parquets Partition walls Passe-partout Passementerie -Trimmings Patchworks Patinas Pencil - charcoal and pastel drawings Pendulum Clocks Pens - pencils Pillows - cushions Playing cards Pleated fabrics or papers Polychromatic wood Ponds Portraits Printed fabrics Puppet - marionettes Raku Religious works of art Replicas of ancient objects - Plasters & Mouldings Reproductions of furniture Reproductions of paintings - Copies Rifles Roof structures - frameworks Roofing stone slates Roofs Rye Straw Saddles Saxophone Sculptures - Busts - Reliefs Sets - scenery - stage settings Sgraffito Sheaths - scabbards Shelves Ships in bottles Shoe laces Shutters Side saddle Signboards/Signs/Placards Silver and/or gold plating Silverware Small windows Snuff Soaps - Beauty creams Sofas Spats Spinets - harpsichord (music) Stained glass Stained glass, decorative glass panels Staircases - Banisters Stationery Steel structures Stencils Still lives Stone imitation Street or Barrel Organs Sundials Table-cloths Tables Tableware Tadelakt Tapestries Tempera - Gouache Terrazzo veneziano Thatched roofs Tiles Toy soldiers Toys Traditional and scene costumes Traverse flutes - flutes (music) Trays Trombone - Hunting horn - Trumpet - Tuba - Clarion (music) Under glass painting Underwear - lingerie Vases - Jars - Pots - Bowls Vaults Vertical gardens/Vegetal walls & decoration Vessel flutes - Ocarinas Violas - Cellos - Violins (music) Walking sticks & canes - Makhila Wall Painting/Painting on Furnitures and Panels/Trompe l’oeil Wall paper Watches - Clocks Water-colors Weapons Weather vane - weathercock Wedding dresses and/or accessories Wheelbarrows Whitewash coating - marmorino Wigs Window and door frames renovation or manufacture Windows Wineskins Wood stoves or wood burners Wooden objects Wooden Portals (Gates) Wooden roof tiles Woodwork - paneling Wrought iron balconies & balusters Xylographs - Woodcuts
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