Mad’in Europe @ Maison & Objet – 18-22 Janvier 2019

HALL 5A – STAND i80 – J81 –

Groupe 1
Mad’in Europe @ Maison & Objet

For the first time, Mad’in Europe will participated in the Maison & Objet trade show with 5 craftsmen members: Edyta Baranska, Flavia Tummolo, Katarina Thorstensson Ross De Wayne Campbell and Vera Frederiksen.

Złoty pasek fragment 150 bis

Edyta Baranska is well known in Poland for her artistic glass installations. She shows a new way to mix textures and colours into glass using fusing technology.  The collection includes coffee/occasional tables, wall art, mirrors, bowls and lighting with a variety of colours and design. 

Flavia Tummolo creates artistic mosaics, all unique pieces,  in Rome using traditional cutting techniques. The tesserae are cut using hammer and hardie, the installation is done using traditional mortars and adhesives in situ or on transportable wood, metal or aerolam panels. The materials used the most for mosaics are marble, gemstones, glass paste, ceramic, gold leaf.

Katarina Thorstensson designs and creates glass items, mostly jewellery with the technique of lampworking, by using tweezers, scissors and gravity as main tools. She uses clear borosilicate glass, which needs a very hot flame to become malleable. It has a nice luster and a surface that does not scratch, and picks up the surrounding colors and sparkles beautifully when hit by light. All pieces of jewellery are hand sculpted. Silver or gold complete the objects.  

Ross De Wayne Campbell has been making decorative insects from clay for nearly 10 years now. Each insect is made from several small clay parts held together with small pins of stainless-steel wire hidden beneath the clay to form a single creation. The legs, antennas, are also made of clay, with a thin wire core. Each piece is formed and put together, glazed, and fired in one piece.   Although they look fragile, they can be sent through the mail without an issue.

Vera Frederiksen.  Wool fibers are worked together with water and soap so that they are seated close to each other and hung together. Vera Frederiksen strives for long-term sustainability and quality products. Felted things are light, water repellent, they hold the shape, insulate against heat and cold, dampen sound and are dirt repellent. Felted goods last for a long time and felting is an environmentally friendly textile technique.  Inspiration comes from Swedish nature. “I love the slowness of my work processes, to be responsive to the material and the time”.

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