Maria Antone – Ambassador of Mad’in Europe in Romania

Maria Antone has been living in France for twenty years and grew up in Romania. A Franco-Romanian national, she obtained a double degree in International Economic Relations from IEP Toulouse and ASE Bucharest. After 15 years in international trade, she created her own consulting company in strategy and business development, Brainder Consulting.  Maria advises Mad’In Europe in the formulation of its strategy and helps it to enhance and promote European living heritage.

“As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in the Romanian countryside, at a time when everything was transformed in the farm, when people lived connected to nature, worked the land with horses and grandmothers rested while weaving, embroidering and crocheting. That’s where my love for authentic things and ancestral know-how comes from”.

Over the years, her many travels have allowed Maria to discover places, traditions, and above all passionate craftspeople and rare trades, most of which are only known locally. She has also become aware, with great sadness, that some of these crafts are disappearing and that, with them, a whole part of the history and heritage of her country is disappearing. 

“Supporting Mad’in Europe was therefore an obvious choice and made perfect sense”.

With Mad’in Europe Maria wants to contribute to making the excellence of European craftsmanship known to as many people as possible, to promote the territorial roots of rare and little-known crafts and to facilitate the transmission of know-how to future generations.

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Maria Antone
47 Boulevard de Courcelles 75008 Paris – France
Founder & Business Consultan
T.+(33)7 50 48 92 49

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