Membership Conditions


Madineurope or (hereinafter the Madineurope Portal) is a portal allowing an international audience of private and trade clients to access a selection of thousands of highly skilled European craftsmen, through one single address.

Each craftsman presented on the Madineurope Portal is verified before publication. Only craftsmen who meet specific criteria are accepted. These criteria relate mainly to the location, qualification, level of experience and trade of the craftsman as well as to the size of his enterprise.

The Madineurope Portal belongs to Mad’in Europe SCRL, 116 rue Berckmans, 1060 Brussels, Belgium (registration number: BE.0535.594.11) (hereinafter the Mad’in Europe Company) whose business is concentrated mainly on the development of the Madineurope Portal.


Membership is acquired through the completion of all of the following steps:

  • the submission of a duly completed application form;
  • the acceptance of the application after verification that the joining criteria (detailed in the application form) are met; and
  • the payment of a one-off joining fee and of an annual membership fee as detailed in the application form.

Membership is for 1 year commencing on the date the profile of the new member is published on the Madineurope Portal.

The joining fee is a once off administration charge which is not refundable. There is no refund of the annual membership fee in case of termination of membership at any stage during the year.


The Madineurope Portal raises the visibility of its members by connecting them to an international audience.

Members in good standing in relation to the payment of the joining fee and/or the annual membership fee are entitled to a personal page on the Madineurope Portal. They can promote their craftsmanship by publishing directly relevant content into the following sections:

  • Professional profile: members’ contact details, general description of activities, images and captions of products, workshop, work in progress, materials and tools, multilingual key-wording, geo-localisation …;
  • Personal interview detailing members’ stories, experiences, motivation, education, specificities, message to future generations …;
  • Training: advertisings for short, medium and long term training;
  • Collaboration: involvement of other professionals …;
  • Other announcements: including sale of activity, tools, materials …;
  • Agenda: exhibitions, fairs or other events which members will be attending;
  • Personal address book including other members of the Madineurope Portal.

Supplemental, specialist and customised services may also be made available from time to time to members by the Mad’in Europe Company at preferential rates.


Members commit to:

  • pay in due time of the one-off joining fee and of the annual membership fee;
  • observe the obligations stated by the Madineurope Portal General Conditions of Use;
  • inform immediately the Madineurope Company in case they no longer meet the joining criteria;
  • use only true and updated information in relation to their activity on the Madineurope Portal and accept sole responsibility for false or inaccurate content.
  • not infringe any third-party intellectual property rights in relation to their activity on the Madineurope Portal and accept sole responsibility in case of dispute arising about such rights; and
  • accept communications from the Madineurope Company concerning the Madineurope Portal as well as about fairs, awards, sales and other matters related to crafts and restoration of cultural heritage.


The Mad’in Europe Company processes personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and with the conditions set out in the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


Members can terminate their membership at any time at their sole discretion by sending an electronic mail to the Mad’in Europe Company subject to two weeks’ notice.

The Mad’in Europe Company can terminate a member’s membership at any time for non-payment of the joining fee in due time, non-payment of the annual membership fee in due time, failure to meet the joining criteria on a continuous basis, failure to meet the commitments foreseen in these General Terms of Membership or any abuse of such membership by sending an electronic mail to the member subject to two weeks’ notice unless the member remediates to the above in the meantime.

Members who are not in good standing in relation to the payment of the joining fee and/or the annual membership fee will not have their personal page automatically erased but they will not be able to modify or upload any content, nor have access to all the functions of the Madineurope Portal.


These General Terms of Membership may vary from time to time. Any variation will become effective 14 days after posting on the Madineurope Portal.


These General Terms of Membership are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute, disagreement or conflict as to the execution, application or interpretation of these terms shall be resolved by the Courts of Brussels, which are hereby made exclusively competent.

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