OPHERA Project Kick off meeting

29th November 2019
OPHERA Kick – off meeting
National Archaeological Museum of the Marche Region, Ancona

In recent times the Segretariato Regionale MiBACT per le Marche has received an important recognition from the EU becoming a partner in the Creative Europe Culture subprogramme with the project named OPHERA (Opening cultural heritage to communities during the central – Italy post – earthquake restoration process. Digital technologies and new competencies for cultural professionals).
Next 29th november the National Archeological Museum of the Marche Region, Palazzo Ferretti, Ancona, will host the kick off-meeting of the project.
Many of the Regional Institutions will take part at this event, such as members of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Academics of University of Camerino and Università Politecnica delle Marche, members of the architects and engineers community , and most of all professionals of Ufficio Speciale per il SISMA, in charge of the earthquake crisis managament.
The OPHERA project is part of the Creative Europe Culture sub-programme, an EU funding programme created to support the cultural and creative european sectors and to safeguard the cultural and linguistic diversity. The programme will also contribute to develop the skills needed in the digital age.
OPHERA’s purpose is to share step by step all the actions made in the fine arts restoration process after the 2016 central-italy earthquake, and the results achieved, with the local and international communities.
The Segretariato Regionale MiBACT per le Marche plays the role of leader in a pool of partners made of University of Ferrara (Italy), University of Minho (Portugal), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), in charge of OPHERA implementation.
This project is made of two parts. The first one consists in the creation of a group of cultural professionals that, during three workshops organized in Lymassol (Cyprus), in Guimaraes (Portugal), and in Camerino (Italy), will edit the contents of two open days that will take place in a few historical villages damaged by the earthquake.
The second part consists in the organization of the already mentioned open days during which the OPHERA partners will make accessible the cultural heritage under restoration to the local communities and will disclose the cultural contents of the restoration process showing, through the multimedial interactive devices, both the critical and the creative act embedded in the cultural heritage restoration.
The project will last until october 2021, through time many events will be organized with the aim to share all the results already achieved and those still missing. All the materials concerning the restoration process will be published by the internationals and local media partners through all the available communication means such as the projects’ web site www.ophera.beniculturali.it, Facebook @progettoopheramibact, Istagram @ Ophera Mibact and Youtube @ Ophera Mibact.
(tras. Blandina Cioffi)

Contact person, Email, Phone…:

www.ophera.beniculturali.it / www.marche.beniculturali.it/ mail: ophera@beniculturali.it Fb: @progettoopheramibact Instagram: @Ophera Mibact Youtube: @Ophera Mibact

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