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Our portal is open to all stakeholders related to craftsmanship and restoration of Cultural Heritage: schools, associations, foundations, companies, fair organisers… Each member can directly administrate a wide space and publish:

  • A complete presentation of the institution, mission, objectives, values
  • Add images and video
  • Insert any useful contact
  • Insert fairs and events, fairs, awards… in the “Agenda” (if related to craftmanship)
  • Insert training offers in our “training” section (if related to craftmanship)
  • Insert editorials and stories in the “Editorials” section (if related to craftmanship)
  • Insert “Job Offers” in the announcement section (if related to craftmanship)

For security reasons, contents will be checked before publication.  All craftsmen members of Madineurope and related to a partner’s organisation will be able to tick in a checkbox with the partner’s LOGO, which will then be displayed on their profile and link directly to the partner’s page.

Partners membership on Mad’in Europe is submitted to the signature of a convention and the payment of an annual fee. Please contact us for more information :

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