Prince lorenz groupe mecenat
The Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Guy Provencher, Diego Marcos, Steven Dujardyn, Laurent Lachèze & Evy Lenoir (UAP), Bernard de Maleingrau (Historic Houses) and Madina Benvenuti

The Mécénat d’Artisans Prize 2020 (Craftsmen’s Patronage Prize) was awarded to three professionals, members of the Union des Artisans du Patrimoine (Union of Heritage Craftsmpeople – UAP), for the work carried out in three Belgian historic houses.
The prize was handed during the General Assembly of the Association of Belgian Historical Houses & Gardens by His Royal Highness Prince Lorenz of Belgium at the Château Bayard, where the event was hosted.
The Craftsmen’s Patronage Prize…
The purpose of this project is to promote the expertise and know-how of craftsmen and restorers towards owners of historic residences. This project, launched in 2019, honours each year two or three craftsmen who “offer” up to 40 hours of their work for a renovation which is selected in advance, among several applications, by a steering committee.

What techniques, what materials, what methods, how to maintain… ?These are some of the questions only accomplished craftsmen can answer.
This project is led by the non-profit association Belgian Historic Houses & Gardens (Demeures Historiques et Jardins de Belgique – DHJB), the Union des Artisans du Patrimoine (Union of Heritage Craftspeople – UAP) in association with Mad’in Europe.

The winners of 2020 are

Guy Provencher

Diego Marcos

Steven et Brecht Dujardyn

For any further information and contacts see also the Historic Houses Association website Demeures Historiques & Jardins de Belgique or contact-us

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