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Img 5832 1.jpg
Bronze bell.
Handmade Leather wallet "Maxi"
Marble-Black Onyx Rotating Serving Stand with ornament of the letters "A" & "N" and the silk scarf with letter "A" ornament
Andrij Paslavskyi
Img 20220528 152252.jpg
Très grande capeline feutre laine + Plume Autruche
At work 2.jpg
Sculpture "Structure Végétale » Laiton et maillechort, mit en forme. Eau forte, martelage, diamantage. Boule en bois massif et socle en acier.
anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti
strumenti di lavoro
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Anita Matell, flower maker
Monika Glöss, Dots dashes in silver & plexiglas
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