1 a denison large brooch enamelled steel rusted

Amanda Denison

Amanda Denison

London, United Kingdom


Amanda Denison specialises in distinctive contemporary jewellery. She is inspired and intrigued by the traces left behind through decay, dilapidation and dereliction and repeated elements that distort and change...

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... Eroded and changing forms, whether through the forces of man or nature, leave behind fragments of what once existed. Her work references these chaotic unplanned marks and uses repeated elements and patterns that distort and transform. Amanda has a fine art background and this can be seen in the way she approaches her jewellery and in the marks she makes. Amanda works with mixed metals – silver, copper and steel which she manipulates to create textured surfaces prior to applying patinas or enamels. Enamels are then stoned back to reveal subtle hues and tones and patches of bare metal. Some steel pieces have been encouraged to rust. Each piece is unique for although the processes can be repeated there is an unpredictable element and no two pieces will ever be the same.

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