Charo Iglesias

Charo Iglesias Pajares

Taller Charo Iglesias

Madrid, Spain


Charo Iglesias never hesitated to let herself be drawn into this art cum trade which is the creation and making of hats — or anything that can be worn on the head. She thus abandoned her work as a teacher and entirely devoted herself to what had been her passion from the start: hats...

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... However, she is still grateful for all those years spent at the University and the training which was to form her character. She knows the ins and outs of the trade like nobody else does. She owns one of the best collections of hat blocks in the country and her technique is faultless. She set up her own business in Madrid in 1987 and has since collaborated with the most outstanding fashion designers and created personalised hats to be worn at important ceremonies, both public and private. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications, though Charo Iglesias will not let success go to her head. She still finds it exciting to trance first class materials for her hats, even when it means travelling to Paris, London, Florence, New York… Charo Iglesias is aware of the importance of tradition in her trade, and of her fact that the technique and the materials are her best allies, but the also knows well that innovation is essential and that there is an inherent obligation in any creative activity, that is, to reflect the world we live in. This designer or hats knows well how to achieve this and is currently preparing to introduce new shapes for her hats and will always continue to use her knowledge of colour as well as the secrets of the trade she learnt from the works of Josef Albers and many other artists she knows so well. Charo Iglesias moves ahead, hat by hat.

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