Falegnameria Odino -Joiner

Egidio Odino

Falegnameria Odino

Torre Pellice, Italy


n 1981 Egidio Odino founded the homonymous joinery, which specializes itself, with the passing of the years, in the production of furnishings and interior stairways in continuous and constant evolution.

The research of the best materials and the use of appropriated tools associated with comparison and collaboration with other craftsmen allowed to continue the evolution of offered products.

Moreover the contact with professional men (architects, interior decorators, …) but above all with the customer, both in the context of trade fairs, and in events such as “DISEGNARE L’ARTIGIANATO-DESIGN CRAFT EUROPE” and other, makes sure the firm cold interpret at best the requirements of the market.


Falegnameria Odino -Joiner

Egidio Odino Falegname

Amo lavorare il legno realizzando mobili e scale Cerco di innovare partendo dall'esperienza aquisita negli anni ,anche grazie a insegnamenti di altri artigiani che in passato hanno contribuito a formarmi. Mi piace realizzare manufatti anche ...
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