Marble hand basin

Elisabeth Cozza


Verona, Italy


After classical studies in Verona she graduated at the University of Udine in History of Art and the Conservation of the Artistic Heritage specializing in the history of Renaissance mosaic; she has joined Christian in life, creative development and business as general manager of EM and all round mosaicist...

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... All our mosaics are completely handmade with stone, marbles and venetian glass smalto, including precious materials such as gold and silver plated mosaic tiles. We are a innovative enterprise, proud to be grounded in a classic vision of mosaic, intended as the harmonization of craftmanship with art. We combine high tech design instruments with ancient tools and materials, seeking in every tessera the perfect fit and colour, precison, harmony, balance and integration we learned from our ancient masters. Our attention to detail comes in every stage of production. We are sensitive to our client’s needs guiding their choice in developing the realization of their dream in a creative and transformative syntesis. We will help you find the best solutions for the realization of your ideas and solve all practical solutions in the development of your project, transforming your sketches into a fit for measure mosaic.

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