Elzbieta Grosseova

Elzbieta Grosseova

Elzbieta Grosseova

Horoměřice, Czech Republic


Seen from a distance, my work was always based on the mutual relations of construction and destruction, on instability, on the constant balancing between what was and what is, on the contrast of the whole with regard to the elements that form it, on the natural process of transformations in nature, on aging, death and renewal.
The tension between the perfection of the newly created and the gradual vanishing, this desintegration and development, this activity at a given moment, is linked first and foremost with the dynamics and the movement of matter...

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And because origin evokes in me both joy and also the premonition of loss, I also perceive my own work as a process of constant renewal.
Recently I am fascinated by the power in nature, its changing form and strong expression.
I tried to reveal this power and instability and movment.
I am inspired by them feeling of uncentrain, as in nature where everything may be changed in a few seconds, like in human life.

CREATION is always an adventure for me

CREATION gives me absolute freedom a means to express the truth

CREATION allows me to discover the truth about myself

CREATION is something I must do irrespective of the results.For me is the proces of Creation the most important. 

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