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Esperança Cases Prats

El Jardí Secret & Bcn Art Lab

Barcelona, Spain


This professional teaches his or her profession and offers trainings.

I would like to introduce myself with scents that inspire me, those uncovered me every day a lot of ways to go, because nothing can better explain the meaning of sensations, that smell. Nothing can talk more about ourselves, that in what we pout obstinately our energy...

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... In my case, first perfume in general and then the natural, has marked my life like breadcrumbs on the path that has led me to create El Jardí Secret. El Jardí Secret is a small workshop with a wide range of options, in which the natural perfume is the protagonist. A space where customizing all elements that lead to a gift drives. A place where care with equal intensity the illusion of learning or the staging of an event or episode of life. But above all it is a place to imagine environments and scents of nature. My way of working is anchored in the past of the perfume : drop by drop, long macerations, that facilitate synergies and short productions. Working as restoring former uses perfume and promoting their perception outside of the bottles. Since 2009 El Jardí Secret has been linked to various cultural events of which I would highlight the following: “The Library of Lola Anglada” – (The April 24, 2010) interpretation, dance, music and props perfume coming in and out of the stage to expand the perception of what is represented. “MediterràniaSens” – (from 2 to 12 August 2012) Exhibition sensory joining painting, music, poetry and perfume with a single theme: the Mediterranean. 18 paintings by Jose Delgado, were accompanied by 18 amphorae of the ceramist Mila Cristobal containing 18 perfumes created a specific environment of each image. “Fifteenth Ancient Music Festival” – (24-25 May 2014) Ambiance 2 concerts held in a chapel of s. XVI. The first of the Middle Ages, recreating the scents of the natural environment and the second Renaissance, reproducing the fragrances of the time within a sacred space and how they spread. “Live the smell of Black Death” – (April 11, 2015) at the Textile Museum and Documentation Centre of Terrassa. A unique opportunity to be part, for a few hours of the museum team to extraordinary pieces, in this case about monastic embroidery and show the protagonists smells of the shields that Europeans used to the great plague. “Art Perfume, perfume as attrezzo of art” – (April 3 to May 10, 2015) – Exposure: The fragrant notes to artistic expressions such as music, theater or fancy, leave the bottles to guide us through our imagination or fantasy. “AIX Scent Fair” (May 6-8 2016) – El Jardí Secret has had the privilege of being chosen by the Institute for Art and Olfaction and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as an exhibitor occupying one of the 40 booth in the artisan fair, independent and experimental perfume that represent the current perfume in the world, the first to be presented in the context of a museum of contemporary art. And finally there is one of the most dynamic parts: learning, I design thematic perfume’s workshops for adults which are sensitive to that world, and for young alchemists under the label of “the perfumer’s apprentice”. I love my job and all that entails, and I like to transmit this passion to everyone who comes to El Jardí Secret – Tiana ·Barcelona.


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Artistic synergy: Perfume as an Art Tool

Bcn Art Lab is the studio of experimentation, exhibition and learning of the creative perfumery of El Jardí Secret , founded by the Master Craftswoman Perfumer Esperança Cases Prats Bcn (location), Art (craft), Lab (activity) ...
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My workshop is located on the oldest corner of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter. Between sounds of bells, millennial stones and odorous matters, magic is created in the form of sensory sculptures that respond to ...
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