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Esperança Cases Prats

El Jardí Secret & Bcn Art Lab

Tiana, Spain


This professional teaches his or her profession and offers trainings.

The art of natural perfume has marked my life and like bread crumbs on the path that led me to build first, the world of El Jardí Secret® and consequently, the love of my craft seeks to its secrets through the trainings I offer in five languages around the world through Bcn Art Lab® the study focused on the art of natural perfume.

Bcn Art Lab® is a school for experimenting, exhibiting and learning the creative perfumery in the vision of art of excellence, perfumery emerged from the craft techniques that extol the rich qualities of natural materials in the world and led by professional experience of a Master Perfumer that has included several international awards, maintaining however the unconditional curious discoveries and passion for innovation.


essentially artistic perfumery

Perfume as a tool of art

Bcn Art Lab is the studio of experimentation, exhibition and learning of the creative perfumery of El Jardí Secret , founded by the Master  Perfumer Esperança Cases Prats Bcn (location), Art (craft), Lab (activity) Focused on the art of perfumery excellence, emerged from the craft techniques that extol the rich...
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