Ian Bates

The Original Laces Company

Maldon, United Kingdom


We hand-craft bespoke, made-to-measure shoe and boot laces. From our workshop in Maldon, England we are able to make-to-measure bespoke shoelaces. Just email us your specific requirements and we’ll do the rest...

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... Here’s a rough guide to lengths: 2-4 holes = 75cm shoelaces 5-7 holes = 120cm shoelaces 8-10 holes = 140cm shoelaces Please measure before ordering to be certain. Our aim is to provide high quality handmade designer UK shoelaces which look and feel wonderful whilst providing a great way to accessorise using colour. If like colour, you’ll love our coloured shoelaces. Coloured shoelaces and custom shoelaces are great for dress shoelaces, golf shoelaces, boat shoelaces, wedding shoelaces, fashion shoelaces and with any outfit where colour is important. You can choose from over 20 different coloured shoelaces including pink, purple, red, orange, oyster, chocolate (brown), sky blue, grey/blue, royal blue, maroon, burgundy, black, cerise, turquoise, beige, lime green, dark green, emerald green, olive and gold. Other colours are possible – you just have to ask us.

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