Bondarowski - Krzysztof Konrad Bondaruk

Krzysztof Konrad Bondaruk


Niewodnica Kościelna, Poland


Professional career:

2008-2017 business of manufacture and sale of jewelry Position (jeweler, manufacturer, designer) BONDAROWSKI

2006-2008 business contract work for Amber Groupe S & A jeweler designer

2005-Amber Groupe Gdynia the position of department manager, jeweler-manual work

2004-Klechov Style Gdynia the position of manager of the hand-jeweler

2000-2004 Auchan Białystokthe position of manager of textile-jewelry

1996-1998 Betting Jewelry BIAMET Bialystok post-production master of jeweler

1989-1990Bialystok Cepelia Folk Crafts Job – goldsmith an apprenticeship Gold Medal of Mercurius gedanensis for jewelry mastery work “black orchid”


2016 Distinction of the ambermart fair on the most attractive amber jewelery work “orchid”

2016 Exhibition at the Polish embassy in Washington Jewelery with amber

2015 Participation in Encuentro Internacional de Joyeria in Cordoba

2013 My work “Eve” was in the top ten of professional artists.

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