Signals of life - Marc Verbruggen

Marc Verbruggen

Design Flanders

Puurs, Belgium


Born in Willebroek, on 7th February 1967, Belgium Studies :

1986 -90 Royal. Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, (B.) Ceramics / Sculpture
1992 -95 National Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Antwerp, (B.) Ceramics, Specialization Conservation & Restoration Present jobs :
Since 2006 until 2009 Prof...

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... Ceramic art res.&conserv. , at the Royal Academy of Visuale and Fine Arts , Antwerp, (B.).
Since 1989 – until present Prof. Ceramic art, Academy of Temse, (B.). Since 1993 – until present Prof. Ceramic art, Academy of Lier, (B.).

Awards and distinctions :
1989 Golden Medal presented by the government – for Sculpture – (B.)
1990 Laureate First Prize, “Ceramics in Belgian Politics”- ( B.) Honourable Mention in the Rembrandt-Bugatti, animal sculpture, Zoo, Antwerp – (B.) Honourable Mention , prize Plastic Arts, Buggenhout – (B.)
1991 Silver Medal presented by the Province West-Flanders – (B.) Laureate First Prize “Pioneersprize Lebbeke”, for Ceramics – (B.) Honourable Mention Bienal Internazional de Ceramica Artistica Aveiro, ( P.)
1995 Laureate C.S.C. ‘Kiezen voor Kunst’ : Regional exhibition at Mechelen (B.)
2000 Silver Medal ,”The Sixth Taiwan Golden Ceramics Awards” – Taipei (Taiwan).
2001 Honourable Mention, Concurs Internacional de Ceramica L’Alcora – Spain (E.) 2002 Honourable Mention , prize Plastic Arts, Buggenhout – (B.)
2004 Accepted for an individual workperiod in the ekwc ; European Ceramic Workcentre – s’Hertogenbosch (NL.)
2005 Accepted for new membership of ICCA, International Contemporary Ceramic Art – Vienna (A.). Diputació De Valencia Award, 7th Bienal Europea de Manises – Spain (E.)
2006 Laureate, “” – the first Basque Country Int. Contemporary Ceramics Competition Euskadi (E.) Premio “Fundación Altos de Chavon”- III Trienal Internacional de Tile Ceràmica “elite – tile” (RD.)
2008 Honourable Mention, II International Triennial of Silicate Arts, Kecskemét, Hungary (H.)
2011 Second grand prize, III Ecuentro Internacional – XVI Concurso de Céramica ‘Cuidad de Valladolid’ Spain (E.)

Artwork in Public Spaces /Museums/ Commissions
1992 Public property : Artwork in Tokoname, IWCAT, (Japan)
1994 Municipality Ranst : Entrance of the building ’Hof Terwagne’, (B.).
1997 Municipality Duffel : At the Psychiatric Centre St. Norbertushuis, (B.) 1998 Förderkreis Internationaler Begegnungen von Künstlern e.V. in Osnabrück , (D.)
2000 Artwork in Taipei, In the Hocheng Cultural and Educational Foundation’s Collection, (Taiwan) District Museum Walbrzych, recent artwork in permanent collection, (Poland)
2001 Municipality Puurs : Entrance of the city hall building, (B.) 2003 City of Brussels ; in permanent collection, Art patrimony of a belgian bank DEXIA . (B.) 2004 Artwork in Jingzehen, Sanbao institute (China)
2005 Province, Art patrimony of Antwerp (B.) Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Amaroussion – Athens (Hellas) Museu de ceramica de Manises (MCM) – Spain (ES.)
2006 Museo della Ceramica Artistica d’Ogliastra – Sardegna – (Italy) Departement of culture, “Diputación Foral de Alava” – Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi(E.) Museo de la Ceramica Contemporánea (MCC) – Santo Domingo – (Dominican Republic)
2007 Museo Internacional de Cerámica Contemporánea (M.I.C.C. ), Buenos Aires – (Argentina)
2008 Permanent Museum collection of committee Wison Art Centre – Shanghai, China
2009 Museo Nacional de Cerámica “Gonzalez Marti” – Valencia (E.). Museo Bellas Artes – Castelon (E.).
Internationale Museum FLICAM permanent collection Fuping Pottery Village – China Museum of Contemporary Ceramics collection – Varazdin- Croatia
2011 Permanent art collection “’Cuidad de Valladolid ‘ Spain (E.).
2012 Permanent art collection Liberal Arts Center, University of Southern Indiana (USA).

Internationale workshops

1990 Intern.workshop “Garden of Delight” s’ Hertogenbosch, (NL.) 1992 International Workshop and exhibition in Tokoname, IWCAT, (Japan)
1998 Intern.workshop “Förderkreis Internationaler Begegnungen von Künstlern e.V. 350 Jahre Westfälische Friede, Osnabrück, (D.). 2000 Intern. workshop “Porcelain Another Way” – Walbrzych – Poland
2004-05 Selection for an individual workperiod in the EKWC – in the European ceramic workcentre – s’ Hertogenbosch – Netherlands –(NL) 2006 Invited for the first international symposium of artistic ceramics, Perdasdefogu, Sardinia (Italy)
2007 Invited , for the 5th international Avanos applied ceramics symposium, Turkey Invited, I encuentro Internacional de Artistas Cerámicos, Culla – Valencia , (E.)
2008 Accepted for the VIII Keramik Symposium – Römhild – Germany (D.)
2009 invited for FLICAM Ceramic Art Residency Programm in Fuping – China Personal articles internationale reviews
2005 Revista Ceramica Internacional (E.). , article written by Dr. Carmen González Borrás ; La realidad como materia 97 (Pg 14-17)
2006 Keramik Magazin Europa (D.). Ceramics Magazine Europe (D.) , article written by Dr. Carmen González Borrás ; Filter eigener Realität – A filter of one’s own reality
2007 Neue Keramik (D.). New ceramics (D.). , article written by Dr. Theresia Hauenfels Zwischen archaischer Ornamentik und Selbstreflexion International lectures 2005 European Ceramic Workcentre – s’Hertogenbosch (NL.)
2007 Europa – Anatolian Cultures meetings activitiy, Selcuk University, Konya (Turkey) 2011 European and American ceramics, Kleymeyer Hall, Liberal Arts Center, University of Southern Indiana (USA).

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