Leevenstein - Mona Gottschling

Mona Gottschling


Berlin, Germany


Leevenstein- that is three Berlin based friends who made their love for leather and handcrafted products their job. It’s in Berlin’s former worker’s district Wedding where Mona, Tilli and David build their lovely workshop into a little old shop.

It smells of leather, coffee and wood...

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... It’s here at the old wooden work benches where new ideas are formed and customer’s wishes are turned into beautiful accessories. One thing you will not spot in here: A sewing machine. It’s not needed since all products really are made by hand. One of the basic fundaments of this little company is the refusal of the comtemporary throw away society. Leevenstein products are made from vegetable tanned leather from trustworthy sources in Germany and they are build to last. And in the case that there should ever be a need for repair these people offer a free repair service.

Timeless, functional design is the characteristic of Leevenstein’s products which are mainly manufactured by the two ladies of the team, Mona and Tilli. It’s the customer who decides whether the future companion is clean and plain or if it gets a design carved in by hand. This old artistry is like drawing motifs with a special kind of knive into the leather. The love for leather and it’s very own characteristics can be seen in every bit. Mona puts it like this: “ Leather simply is a great material. It has a unique smell, look and feel. It lives on in a form we give it. Opposite to many other materials it gets better and more interesting the more it gets used. It adopts to it’s owner and ages with him or her. It tells the owner’s one-of-a-kind story. There will be no other piece alike.” And David adds “We simply love what we do: manufacturing products with our own hands that will accompany people a long way along their path” This love and passion for high quality made by hand can be found in every detail of this little company and it’s products. And it manifests in the promise to repair every piece for free. LEEVENSTEIN – leather accessories handmade in Berlin

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