Otilie Suterova

Atelier Lhotka by Otilie Šuterová-Demelová

Prague, Czech Republic


The sculptor Otilie Demelová – Šuterová was born on July 31, 1940 in Kroměříž. She is a graduate of the Uherske Hradiste Secondary School of Applied Arts and the College of Applied Arts in Prague...

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... She was married to the sculptor Aloise Šuterů, who died in 1983.
She is a member of the Association of Visual Artists Hodonin, Sursum Corda Brno Association and the Union of Artists of the Czech Republic. She is represented in the art gallery in Klenová.
Her sculptural work generally represents human subjects that materialize in a figurative expression but also free and non descriptive.
Her style is characterized by simple monumental forms at the beginning, inspired by the expressive concept of cubism. She works clay and ceramics, on high fire, and exposes them to the outside at different weather.

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