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Teodoro Pérez

Guitarras Teodoro Pérez

Coslada, Spain


We are a family company dedicated to the artisan construction of classical and Flamenco guitars. The construction of our guitars is made with the technique learned from generations of master guitar-makers of the school of Madrid, and at the same time giving these guitars a few nuances of sounds in its construction...

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... All our guitars can be built with different scale length, Woods… at the request of the customer. The materials used for its construction are 1st quality, working different woods such as Madagascar, India, Pau Ferro, Cocobolo, Ciricote, maples, Cypress, red cedar from Canada, pine fir German, ebony… The finish of these guitars is a finished natural or synthetic varnish.


Logo crema y negro.jpg

Teodoro Pérez, luthier. Spain

When in your work there is no place for haste, without a doubt, I think it is a passion and also a pride. The best time... When you hear your creation of expert hands of ...
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