Tim Peek Woodcarving

Tim Peek

Tim Peek Woodcarving

Wycombe, United Kingdom


Architectural carving has a rich and diverse spectrum and it is no surprise that Tim Peek has done a variety of architectural carving commissions. During his career Tim has been able to renovate and produce a client’s taste for interior and exterior design, whether they have passion for Rococo, Gothic or Baroque, he has been able recreate any period style with great detail.

The scope for architectural carving can be limitless, it can range from an rich luxurious portrait surround in a Grinling Gibbons style to an elegant carved mouldings, Tim has been able to produce a great range of designs to bring life to a ailing room.Antique Furniture Restoration During his career, Tim has dealt with numerous projects having to restore broken parts on pieces of furniture and producing a result in which you could never tell it had been broken beforehand...

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... In that time he has mastered the practice of replicating the ebb and flow of the piece, understanding the history of each piece, how it was made, the design process, and what techniques the craftsman and artisans would use to produce their effects.

After years of working with other restorator and craftsman on commissions, Tim can call on a diverse range of specialists such as gilding, polishing, joinery, turning

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