Yulya Yalanzhi

Yalanzhi Objects

Kyiv, Ukraine


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I'm a designer, artist, and co-founder of the YALANZHI OBJECTS brand. I started my education when I was 16 and now for about 10 years I have been involved in interior and subject design, as well as traditional visual arts.  As a result of my creative research in sculpture, I started creating art objects and installations, which led to the creation of the YALANZHI OBJECTS brand in Kyiv, together with my colleague and husband Yevhen Melnychenko.  The main material of the YALANZHI OBJECTS brand is recycled papier-mâché paper...
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... The main work is done by our own hands with very few implementations of standard regular tools for paper.  It is my desire to see my ideas come to life that drives me to create. In my opinion, this is exactly what drives the YALANZHI OBJECTS brand to grow and improve continuously.  YALANZHI OBJECTS brand started with the “Cellular Practice”, a large-scale sculptural installation that consists of thousands of spherical objects that are different in size and diameter. The balls that I created from cellulose for the art installation “Cellular Practice” inspired me to develop and create a line of lighting elements and sculptural panels.  In 2020 we presented a new collection of ceramic lamps that is just as environmentally friendly and close to Ukrainian consumer perception. The ceramic line is called the "Makosh" collection, and the number of its items is constantly growing. No matter what I create I am always guided by the idea of creating a product on the edge of art and design for customers who understand the art and are willing to invest in their real estate. The utilitarianism of these interior items was caused by the strength and lightness of the products, environmental friendliness of the material and the ability to transform the compositions through their modular designs.



Papier maché unique pieces

I do love my profession. It´s where I can pursue pure creativity, designing and handling commercial issues. At one time, my private creative idea transformed from a tiny workshop into a real craft business. It´s such a good feeling to know that we are known in many countries. We are...
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