Stories of European Talents! European Vocational Skills Week

INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE FOR PROFESSIONAL CRAFTSMEN Mad’in Europe is participating to the second European Commission Program “European Vocational Skills Week: “Discover your Talent!” with a special campaign dedicated to European Craftsmanship. The title will be: “Stories of talent by European craftsmen”, and will be dedicated to the storytelling of some very special craftsmen.


Mad’in Europe is participating to the second European Commission Program “European Vocational Skills Week: “Discover your Talent!”   with a special campaign dedicated to European Craftsmanship. The title will be: “Stories of talent by European craftsmen”, and will be dedicated to the storytelling of some very special craftsmen.  The objective of the campaign is to let some selected European professional craftsmen narrate their stories and show their work. We believe that sharing positive experiences of self-accomplishment and showing the result of such talents, creativity and know-how will create emotional involvement and engagement among the public.

The Mad’in Europe campaign Stories of “talent”, will help building a different opinion about craftsmanship. We aim at stimulating curiosity and potential interest for careers  in the Craft area. 

The campaign will reach the objective in three different ways:

  1. By raising awareness about the importance of preserving traditional crafts professions as part of our intangible cultural heritage;
  2. By asking craftsmen to be active promoter of their choice an disseminating their message; 
  3. By proving that crafts are valid careers and source of gratification.

We aim at reaching an audience of over thousands of people through our site, Social Networks and our presence at the Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel in Paris (International Cultural Heritage Fair,

 Stories of “talent” by European craftsmen  will be structured as follows:

  1. September the 20th, October the 20th. We invite European professional  Craftsmen to send us their story and pictures through a specific form;
  2. End of October – the stories will be collected in a special digital album and some printed material;
  3. The printed material will be distributed at the International Cultural Heritage Fair in Paris (2-5 nov 2017);
  4. The digital album will be  :
    • presented at the International Cultural Heritage Fair in Paris (2-5 nov 2017).
    • showcased on
    • promoted through our newsletter & social networks
    • our community will be invited to share the album and the images with the hashtag #madineurope #EUVocationalSkills and to make as much dissemination as possible.
  5. 20-24 Novembre: Second European Vocational Skills Week

“Stories of Talent” 

Every participating craftsman will be asked  to answer these questions:

  • What is your profession? Describe it.
  • What materials do you use?
  • Who is you “ideal client’s profile?

  • PERSONAL STORY: You chose to be a craftsman. How did this decision appear to be an evidence to you? How would you describe your work and your passion? What is the best moment you had in your job? Tell us your story in this profession.
  • SKILLS: What rule do “talent”, “know-how” and “creativity” play in your profession?
  • INNOVATION: And what about innovation, what are the changes since you started? New materials, tools, processes, marketing, … How could your profession be more innovative?
  • TRAINING: Where and how long did you train before you were ready for creating your business? Imagine that you want to invite young generations to choose your profession, what would be your message to them? Are you giving classes to future craftsmen? Where?
  • MESSAGE: In Conclusion, write a quote, a meaningful experience or a personal reflection that you would like to share with us and explain why.

More information about the whole EU Program

More information about Mad’in Europe – Connecting European craftsmen to people

Since the beginning of its activity, in 2013, Mad’in Europe has showcased European craftsmen, trainings, and major events about Crafts with the aim of raising awareness about the value of crafts not only as a fundamental part of our culture and heritage, but also as source of employment and economic development. Mad’in Europe is creating an international community, where professional craftsmen meet their audience and offer services, products, and trainings. Over 1850 professional craftsmen have been selected in more than 20 European countries and have a dedicated page in the 4 languages web platform

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