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Sample of a Venetian flooring (Venice, Italy)
Falstaf - Etienne Baeyens

Francesca Bortolaso GLASS ARTIST

I am a Glass Master specialized in Glass Fusion , Kilncasting , Torchbeading and Stained Glass techniques. My works are often characterised by metal insertions included in the fusion process . I am especially attracted ...
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Premier dome

Eric Bonte, maitre verrier depuis 1979. France

Créer son entreprise est une aventure, il faut s’y jeter corps et âme, il faut suivre sa passion, oser, ne pas hésiter à suivre sa voie, à tracer sa route, et toujours regarder devant ...
Luesmavega plate for fernando arellano zaranda limon
Fabrizia bazzo inside out detail self standing glass panel painted acid etched laser engraved and laminated
Bettina K. Schneider - holz glas kase
Crispian Heath - crh 240 cast glass wedge form 16 x 15 x 6cm
Premier dome
Kiln, G1 PARTNERS, glass art manufactiure
Simone crestani 2014 glass coral vetro borosilicato a lume 40x 35x 35 cm ph francis amiand
stainedglass set - HADAS Pracownia Witrazy
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