Metal engraver – carver – chaser – drypoint or copperplate printer – guillochage

GUILLOCHAGE : "Guillochage" is a decoration and finishing technique known in watchmaking and applied mainly on the dial, the case or the movement of a watch. The "guillochage" allows to create geometrical reflections thanks to intersecting lines that are engraved, often with ancient tools. This technique appeared in the 16th century and was particularly developed in the 18th century. The word "guilloche" refers to each of the lines as well as the whole they form. The guilloche also decorates other objects such as snuffboxes, dishes, trays, coffee pots.
Raymond Meyer - Atelier de gravure
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Véronique Agostini
Atelier Louis Boursier - ciseleur, graveur héraldiste
Alain Lovenberg - Metal Engraver
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