Small objects and miniatures maker and restorer

NeoClassic Vespasian Coin Ring

Danny Piacentini Goldsmith- Jewelry Wax Modeler-Wax Scuptor

Hello everyone, am danny, owner at Artemis Jewels Italy. I am an anglo-italian holder of a jewelry firm from late 90's on. I hold a very long London background and move back to italy from the start of 2003 opening an atelier here. I always had a passion for jewelry...
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Roses Petals Doll
Esh vlechtwerkfoto haye bijlstra - Esmé Hofman
Allan villa - Alastair Gaff
Heather Gabrielle Rogers - 0499
Segovia feria 2014 020
Diapo 1
Artist frederik cnockaert
Loleodecorazioni italia copia
Cave a cigare armoire 4

Valerio Vada - ART E’

Montelera, Italy

2014 1 d
Bowie 013 04
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