Torch beadmaking with AnuschB, Glass Artist – Belgium and Italy

After these 2 days classes, you will go home with the beads you made on the torch and a whole new world of possibilities and techniques to explore and perfect.

My childhood in Africa is influencing a lot of my work through shapes, colors, cultural background. Passionate about beads, their history, meaning and their role in society, I have been collecting beads and making jewelry for over 15 years. In 2005, I took my first course in lampwork beadmaking and lost my heart to glass. It has opened new doors, new inspirations, new longings … Multiplication, rhythm … are pushing me further, towards more artistic pieces. Each piece is unique and tells a story. 

My passion for beads led me, over 10 years ago, into working with glass and exploring its many different techniques: hot and cold. My work mainly focuses on the creation of unique objects, whether it’s a piece of jewelry, a sculpture, a painting or a functional piece.

Today I live close to Brussels, BE but also in Murano,  the island of Glass. I exhibit regularly in Belgium and abroad. I took my first class in beadmaking on the torch in May 2005. 2 days that changed my Life as it lead me in 2010 to work full time as an Artist. My teachers include Frédéric Marey & Nadine Piskaldo, FR – Jean-Pierre Baquère, Floriane Lataille, FR – Kristina Logan, USA – Kate Fowle Meleney, USA – Larry Scott, USA. I have been teaching on a regular basis since 2009.

Anusch Bayens

Achievements at the end of the training :
You will go home with the beads you made on the torch and a whole new world of possibilities and techniques to explore and perfect. 

Below is an overview of the beginners’ program. It is not compulsory to take both days but I feel that one full day is needed to get a real sense of what lamp work beadmaking is about. The 2 days workshop covers the main techniques of beadmaking and the decoration of beads. It should allow you to set up your own studio at your home and being able to continue practicing.
I do adapt as we go along and will be happy to teach specific techniques on request.

Day 1

  • Security, theory, a bit of history
  • a simple round bead
  • pulling stringers
  • Shapes: tubes
  • Applying dots & stringers
  • Playing with gravity
  • flowers, bubbles

Day 2

  • Shapes: cones, bicones, squares
  • Twisties
  • What can you do with dots: hearts, feathering …
  • Encasing
  • Encased stringers
  • Hollow beads


Rate: 190 €/day, lunch and materials included and you get to keep your beads of course.

Admission conditions: minimum 16 years old (I will accept younger students after a meeting and a discussion with the parents and the student). 3 students maximum

Hours : 10h-12h30 & 13h30-17h

Two training locations :

  1. Overijse, a 10 min drive South of Brussels, BE
  2. Murano, Venezia, IT

A certificate can be delivered on request

Next classes, dates or frequency : Dates on request. I usually have dates available once per month, both In Belgium or in Italy

Phone : +32 477 34 18 81/ +39 389 561 4125

Email :

Web :

Address of the training:

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