Have a look also at the gold door handle. Incredible craftsmanship is needed to produce such an intricate design. Chisel, burin, or drypoint are some of the numerous tools an engraver uses to cut metal. The craftsman creates artistic motifs, surface effects, or typographic letters by cutting more or less deep lines.The maker of locks creates, repairs, or reconstitutes locking systems and keys. He works for private persons, historic sites, antique shops, and furniture makers.

The manufacturing procedure for these brass or metal alloy pieces is broken down into numerous significant steps that require the craftsman’s constant involvement. The main method of preparing a mold is what is known as sand casting, which involves carving a mold into which molten metal is poured. To make the mold, you need a model of the object you want to create.The preparation of the casting material happens next, and after that, the chosen metals are added to the melting pot. The metals liquefy and combine to form the appropriate alloy once the melting point is reached. Following the melting in the moulds, the objects are recovered once they have solidified and cooled.

According to the engraver Alain Lovenberg, humans are naturally predisposed to carve, but of course, very few acquire the ability to work at the highest level. 


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