Décor art Cafe Under the Old Oak

Décor art “Cafe Under the Old Oak” is completely handmade and made of wood material with the addition of some metal parts and decorated by stabilized moss.

Warm, unique, truly natural
I love working with wood. Wood is a very «warm» material.
Woodworking is just one of those things that when it gets you, it really gets you.
Décor art “Cafe Under the Old Oak” is a house in rustic style. And, as usual, when creating this art product, I used an old tree that keeps human history.
Next to the house is a fragment of a tree root that I found in the forest. Only nature can create such unique forms.
What you see in the photos will be sent to you. The item has a unique design, made in a single copy.
This Décor art “Cafe Under the Old Oak” makes a stunning and unique housewarming gift, or a unique Birthday gift, that fills their home with the energy of natural wood.
Many of customers use my art design products as a backdrop to take pictures of their dolls or teddy bears.
With years of experience, I make cargo packages in a safe, very robust, and undamaged way in order to deliver my products to you safely.

Dimensions: L 33 x W 17 x H 35 cm.
Materials: wood, metal, acrylic paints,
The material from which my products are made is recovered from nature, I don’t damage any alive tree

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Viktor Rudyk +380676712101 viktorwoodman@gmail.com

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