Forging a Silver Spoon with Barbara Amstutz – Silversmith – Switzerland

Learn how to forge a silver spoon with silversmith Barbara Amstutz, in Switzerland. Put a piece of silver with various hammer techniques into the desired form.

Having designed an own spoon, we start with a 4 mm thick rectangular piece of silver and shape it with the hammer to the desired form by contracting, stretching, broadening, sinking and planishing the metal. After the tiring hammer work we file our spoon and finish it with pumice and emery cloth.

Tradition and modernity come face to face in my atelier near Basel. I use silver plate to model bowls large and small, tableware, ewers and pots, baptismal cups and sculptures in small, handcrafted series or as single works of art.
My most important tools are my hammers in various shapes and sizes, my stakes and anvils and the fire for annealing and brazing silver. Forging, raising and mounting give rise to beautifully crafted items of everyday use and works of art. The appearance I lend these things is modern, the technique I use is ancient.

Pursuing an idea and implementing it from the first design sketch to the finished metal creation fascinates and delights me each and every time. In addition to crafting artistically designed contemporary silver objects I also restore and repair antique silver, liturgical hollowware, tableware and items made of non-precious metals.

Places are limited to four participants per workshop.


Silver spoon - Barbara Amstutz


Workshop Barbara Amstutz,
Ziegelei Oberwil, Hohestrasse 134,
CH–4104 Oberwil BL, Switzerland


Friday 28 July and Saturday 29 July 2017
Saturday 21 October and Saturday 28 October 2017

Duration : 12 hours


CHF 360 plus material costs (about CHF 220 for a medium-sized spoon)


Barbara Amstutz
+41 61 301 18 62



Education and Professional Experience

1988–92 | studied History, Philosophy and Comparative Religious Studies 
in Jerusalem and Basel
1994 | preparatory course at the Freie Schule für Gestaltung Olten
1995–99 | apprenticeship as goldsmith in Basel trained in etching/intaglio printing at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel
1999–2003 | goldsmith in Carouge/Geneva and Basel 
2003 | study trip (etching/illustration) to Sofia, Bulgaria
2003–05 | trained as silversmith under Harry Brookhuis at the Vakschool voor Edelsmeden and in the ateliers of Titiaan de Geer (restoration) and Jan van Nouhuys (contemporary silver) in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands
2006 | opened atelier in Basel 
2013–16 | designed and led «Wax Tablet and Stylus» workshop for families at the Augusta Raurica Museum, Augst 

Solo Exhibitions

2004 | Galerie pep + noname, Basel
2005 | Galerie Studio 925/Zilver & Van Nouhuys, Schoonhoven 
2007 | Galerie Anna Schmid, Basel
2011 | Galerie Am Spalenberg, Basel (with Rudolf Büttiker)
2013 | Müstair – Bowl Objects, Museum Clostra Son Jon, Müstair


1999 | Prix Golay Buchel, Uhren- und Schmuckmesse Basel
2001 | Chain Reaction, Schmuckwerkstatt, Aarau
2002 | Métal-Metall-Metallo-Metal, Musée gruérien, Bulle
Schmuck unter Druck, Schmuckwerkstatt, Aarau
2004 | Innerlichkeit der Materie, Museum Rehmann, Laufenburg
2005 | Les Fèvres 2005, Salon européen des métiers d’art des métaux,
Gruchet-le-Valasse, Seine-Maritime
2006 | formforum, MUBA, Basel
Design Biennale Lucerne
2007 | 15th Silver Triennial, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, and other venues
Re-Identification – Trilateral Print Exchange Exhibition, Grafisch Atelier Utrecht,
and other venues
2008 | Portes Ouvertes, Fabrik Hégenheim
Tafelfreuden, Handwerksform Hannover
Prix Jumelles, Kurszentrum Ballenberg
2009 | inhorgenta, Forum Silberschmiede, Munich
Volle Kanne, Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg
2010 | 18 Positionen zur zeitgenössischen Schmuck- und Gerätgestaltung, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau
Objects of Light, Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen
eunique – arts & crafts, Messe Karlsruhe
Grassimesse, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
Silver Triennial International – 16th worldwide competition, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, and other venues
2011 | eunique – arts & crafts, Messe Karlsruhe
Grassimesse, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
2012 | Silver moves, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
Grassimesse, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
Messe Kunst und Handwerk, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
2013 | Silbertriennale International – 17th worldwide competition,
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, and other venues
Gold Silber, Sankturbanhof, Sursee
Messe Kunst und Handwerk, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
2014 | In Dialogue with Nature, Silberwarenmuseum
Ott-Pausersche Fabrik, Schwäbisch Gmünd
Friedrich Becker Prize 2014, Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf
Prix Jumelles, Swiss Open Air Museum, Ballenberg
Only Spoons, Handwerksform Hannover
Grassimesse, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig
Messe Kunst und Handwerk, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg
2015 | Just Silver, Eunique – Applied Arts & Design, Messe Karlsruhe
Prix Européen des Arts Appliqués, WCC-BF, Mons
Neue Räume 15, Special Show, Zürich
Silber & Gold, Historisches Museum Basel
2016 | Refurnishing the Dwelling from Matten, Swiss Open Air Museum, Ballenberg
Art meets Industry, Open Days, Ziegelei Oberwil
Grassimesse, Grassi-Museum, Leipzig

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