INTBAU is a global network dedicated to creating better places to live through traditional building, architecture, and urbanism.


INTBAU was established in 2001, and has since gained over 30 chapters and 6,000 members in more than 100 countries worldwide. We work under the patronage of our founder, HRH The Prince of Wales.

INTBAU’s mission is to support traditional building, the maintenance of local character, and the creation of better places to live. We do this through workshops, summer schools, study tours, conferences, awards, and competitions. Our three objectives are to research, educate, and engage as widely as possible on the value and relevance of traditional architecture and urban design.

INTBAU is a unique, established resource for global knowledge of traditional architecture and urban design. Our active network consists of individuals and institutions who design, make, maintain, study, or enjoy traditional buildings and places.

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