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Antoinette Merete Olsen

Hiladero/ tejedor de hilo

Troms, Noruega


I weave products, tapestries and fabrics on the warp-weighted loom. I spinn yarns (not much) and plant dye yarn. I have my own webshop where I sell my books about weaving Twill and tabby on the warp-weighted loom. I teach weaving upon request.

Historias de Talento

Fb img 1558032952529.jpg

Antoinette Olsen, weaver on the warp-weighted loom

I am a highly skilled weaver who can weave on modern floor looms, tapestry looms, rigid heddle looms and tablet looms. My favorite looms are the old warp-weighted looms and old tapestry looms. I like the old weaving techniques, and I am full of respect for the persons which was able to weave difficult and beautiful patterns on the old looms in ancient times.

I draw my own weaving patterns for tapestry weaving. I love to dye yarn with different kinds of plants and then use it in weaving.

I have written one book in norwegians and one book in english about how to weave twill and tabby on the warp-weighted loom. My books are sold world wide since 2014. The reason why I wrote the books, was to keep the old weaving techniques alive today and in the future, and to honor the old weaving masters who lived in the viking age and before.

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