Bettina K. Schneider - holz glas kase

Bettina K. Schneider

Fine Glass Restoration

Berlín, Alemania


Este profesional posee un diploma en conservación-restauración del patrimonio cultural: Conservation and Restoration MA University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany Restoration Management, Preventive Conservation, Science, Documentation, Mosaic, Artistic Techniques

Conservation and restoration of historical and contemporary Glass, glasses and chandeliers Professional professional Consultation and restoration offers Property investigation Creation of restoration offers and concepts Advice and restoration recommendations Cleaning the objects Recommendations for the care and storage of the objects (also with glass disease) Implementation and supervision of conservation and restoration measures (also on site) Use of reversible materials that are as resistant to aging as possible Preventive conservation Cooperation with other restoration departments (eg metal, ceramics, porcelain) Documentation in words and pictures Collection of collections in word and picture
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