Carolina Reviglio della Veneria

CRdV di Carolina Reviglio

Turín, Italia


Atelier della Calce was founded by people passionate about working with natural resources Restoring fragile historic structures to former glory, as well a saving modern buildings from a synthetic fate Not an easy material to work with, we’ve mastered the skills of many centuries...
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... Our artisans are fully qualified to preserve, build and/or restore, without compromise has been restoring buildings for three decades. A native of Italy and lover of the finer things in life, Carolina devotes a lot of time into the research, planning and execution of each project, as if it’s her own. She thrives on bringing old buildings back to life, breathe life into dull dwellings and/or start new projects from scratch. Carolina has assembled a dedicated team of artisans, architects and all the players necessary to take any project to successful completion While we are based in Italy, anywhere in Europe is easily reachable. Worldwide if we must, as long as we can source the right materials where we land. Nothing is impossible, as long as the budget can accommodate. Why choose us. We’re very good at what we do. Our motivation is not in the money, but the satisfaction of bringing buildings back to life, working with what Mother Nature already provides, not what synthetic factories manufacture. Our artisans are driven by passion and pride comes before being paid. We’ll keep at it, until done right. If you have a project that needs special attention, we can do it. The door to Atelier della Calce is always open. Contact us for further discussion.
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